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Going on holiday gives you and your partner an escape from reality. It also gives you the chance to explore sexual fantasies that you’ve been putting aside.

But going on holiday comes with a different set of challenges. Where or how do you pack a bunch of sex toys and then still use them wherever you go?

The answer is fairly simple. Take sex toys that are both easy to travel with and easy to use, no matter what hotel room you’ll be staying in.

The following sex toys are convenient for any suitcase and simple to use on your much-needed holiday. They also give you a sexual adventure to make your time away exciting in more ways than one.

Bed shackles

One of these sets will help you live out your bondage fantasy without the expensive equipment. They can also be used with any bed, so you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to use it.

Once you or your partner are fastened into bed shackles, you won't be able to get out. You will be in a vulnerable position to be used by your lusty partner for as long as they want. The best part is that your legs will be spread, and open for anything.

The straps are easy to put on and can be easily removed if you want to get out quickly and finish your session in a different way.

Cock rings

These are small but extremely pleasurable. They are also easy enough to pack into your suitcase on your trip. Using these bad boys will help you get and keep a powerful erection, meaning your holiday memories will be just as powerful.

With all the different shapes and sizes cock rings come in, you can definitely find one to match your vibe and thrill your partner. There are even vibrating cock rings to make your partner moan endlessly.

Why not pack a few different designs in your bag so that every day of your vacation can be just as exciting and kinky as the next?

Wand massager

Wand massagers are versatile sex toys that can be used to make your partner orgasm from stimulation or excited during foreplay. As a massager, they can caress and stimulate every inch of your partner’s body before you use it for more intense genital stimulation.

They are convenient enough to be taken with you everywhere and many are waterproof, meaning you can fully enjoy the hotel’s bath or shower. Remember to also always use a generous amount of water-based lube with your wand massager. It will make the experience of it gliding all over your body much more sensual and enjoyable.

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