Mini Vibrators

Don’t let their size fool you. Mini vibrators are pocket-sized but pack a serious punch. They put the power of instant satisfaction in the palm of your hand. You’re probably already aware of vibrators. Mini vibrators are part of an innovative trend in the sex toy industry to make sex toys more accessible. With a mini vibrator, you can keep pleasure with you at all times. Curious? Read more...

Choose the one that’s right for you

Despite having a simple concept, mini vibrators come in a variety of different forms. Finger vibrators and bullet vibrators are also mini vibrators, designed for pinpoint stimulation.

Finger vibrators are designed to slip onto your finger, as the name implies. This gives you more manoeuvrability to reach any and every spot that needs some love.

Bullet vibrators mainly have a pointed tip, making them look like a bullet. The vibrations are focused on this point which can give any area you place it a thunderous sensation of pleasure.

What are the benefits of mini vibrators?

It doesn’t matter at what point on your sexual journey you’re on, Mini vibrators have a whole host of benefits for anyone with satisfaction on their mind. These little devices are affordable. For people who don’t want to break the bank for some extra stimulation in the bedroom, then a mini vibrator is a solid option.

They are also super easy to use. You’ll never be left wondering what you’re supposed to do and where you should put it. They are powerful and offer pinpoint stimulation. This can give you exactly the kind of sexual pleasure you’ve been craving. Read more tips on using a mini vibrator.

If discretion is on your list, then you can’t go wrong with a mini vibrator. They are compact and discrete, making it easy to keep them private.

The perfect travel companion

The compact but powerful design of mini vibrators makes them perfect travel companions. Put it in your bag or pocket and whip it out when you need a quick release.

Most mini vibrators are also waterproof, so you can use them in the shower or clean them easily.

Bring your pleasure to life

As one of the leading sex stores in South Africa, we at Passionfruit take your pleasure and satisfaction seriously. We have a wide range of exciting and stimulating mini vibrators for singles, couples, men, women and everyone. We also respect your privacy and will send your toys in discrete packaging after enjoying a safe and secure online shopping experience.

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Mini Vibrators

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This bullet vibrator from Rosy Gold is compact enough to fit in your pocket and go with you anywhere. That means you’ll always have satisfaction at hand.
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