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Everyone loves to be satisfied. The one aspect people sometimes overlook, however, is that satisfaction could take many forms.  So, if you’re ready to take advantage of them, you're probably going to ask why you'd never done so before. It's time to embrace the magical world of sex toys. Many of the following sex toys for men may be used alone or with a partner of any gender. Our wide range of adult toys caterscater to those who are beginners and to those who are experienced. Here are some of the hottest male sex toys in South Africa that form part of the Passionfruit collection. Curious? Read more...

Types of sex toys for men

Fleshlights – These are one of the best-selling sex toys in the world for men. If you’ve ever used one you’ll immediately know why. If you’ve never used one, then you’re in for a fantastic experience. Fleshlights are expertly engineered and carefully constructed in the form of a distinctive, torch-like casing that gives the user total discretion and privacy. The best part about the Fleshlight is how it feels. The internal sleeve will stimulate your penis and imagination in ways you never dreamed possible. Check out our collection of Fleshlights and see, or feel, for yourself why they're so famous.

Male masturbators – Your hands might be useful when it comes to masturbation, but can they give you the best experience of satisfaction? Give your penis more than just regular stimulation and increase the pleasure with one of our male masturbators. You’ll experience a greater, more rewarding solo game for every stroke, thrust, and sensation. From practical masturbators to more innovative designs, our male masturbators are perfect for your satisfaction.

Penis enlargement – Have awesome sex every time and boost your confidence with these useful devices. Our collection of penis enlargement products is a must for those wanting to increase their size or girth. Choose a conventional penis pump, experience instantaneous effects with a penis extension sleeve, or explore something different altogether! Whatever approach you take, all the items in our range have been designed to offer you the additional girth and length you deserve.

Prostate massagers – ​A prostate orgasm is quite literally the most amazing thing you will ever feel in your life. Whether you're using prostate massagers in combination with penis masturbation or you're going for the famous hands-free prostate orgasm known as the "Super O," these little butt toys really can change a man's orgasm life. Give it a try!

Vacuum penis pumps – The penis pump is an effective solution to get or sustain an erection. The penis pump comprises of a rubber tube that accommodates the penis, a hand or battery-powered device connected to the tube, and a strap that fits over the base of the penis once it has become erect. With training and proper use, most men should be able to achieve an intense pump each time. Penis pumps can also be used to make your penis extra sensitive during sex or masturbation so that every touch is arousing.

Fetish wear & underwear – At Passionfruit we also have a range of men's fetish wear and underwear to make any occasion extra naughty.

Health benefits of using sex toys

Those who have used sex toys say that they are more satisfied with their sexual well-being on all levels, including orgasm frequency and masturbation. The more you touch your body and explore it with toys, the more likely you are to learn how to make yourself feel good, whether you 're alone or with a partner.

Research has even shown that some toys can potentially improve sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction and other performance problems.

Sex toys can help you sleep better

Sleep is important to our health. Sleep improves your immune system, maintains our learning capabilities, decreases stress and anxiety, and even raises our libido. Using a sex toy can help you achieve better stimulation and more enjoyable orgasms, which can lead to better sleep.

How to use sex toys safely

Always use any kind of adult toy in the way it was meant to be used. And for that, it’s good to know what your toy was made for. Learn about your toy and how it works. After buying one, take some time to get used to all its functions and how to use it on your body properly.

It’s also a good idea to use water-based lube with your toy. Not only will it feel nicer, but it will also be safer, especially if you plan on using your toy for penetration.

How do you clean sex toys?

One of the best ways to clean your sex toy is with a sex toy cleaner. These are hygienic cleaning solutions specially developed for sex toys so as not to damage them.  Alternatively, you could wash your sex toy in warm soapy water, but not hot water. It is important to wash your sex toy after each time you’ve used it. It will help keep your toy in good condition for many years to come as well as keep you safe and hygienic. Remember to first check to see if your toy is waterproof, if it uses batteries. Also, never put your sex toys into a dishwashing machine.

Shopping for sex toys for men is easy with Passionfruit

It’s simple. We love what we do. That means we make sure each one of our customers is satisfied and happy.

As one of South Africa’s oldest and most reputable online sex shops, we understand what you want. And we will try our best to get it to you as fast as possible. All our orders are posted within 24 hours on weekdays.

If you’d rather keep your purchase private, don’t worry.

We ship all our products in discreet packaging that won’t let a soul know what’s inside. Our website also maintains an extremely high level of security standards. All your personal information and card details will be safe and secure.

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Sex Toys for Men

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Boners Cock & Ball Strap - Large

Have longer and harder sexual experiences with this cock and ball strap from Boners. By wearing it around your scrotum and penis you will have more pleasure during solo play or sex.
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Boners Ribbed Cock Ring

Achieve an even more manly look with this ribbed cock ring. It keeps your cock hard and makes sure you can enjoy your sexual adventures to the fullest.
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Boners Diamond Cock Ring

Achieve an even more manly look with this diamond-shaped cock ring. It keeps your cock hard and makes sure you can enjoy your sexual adventures to the fullest.
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Boners Tyre Cock Ring

Achieve an even more manly look with this tire-shaped cock ring. It keeps your cock hard and makes sure you can enjoy your sexual adventures to the fullest.
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