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Whether you are planning on a steamy night with your partner or want to be more confident at work, the perfect thong or panty is one of the easiest ways to do it. Not only are they simple, but there are also so many variations and styles that you will never get bored with them. It’s also sexy no matter the occasion or how many times you’ve worn one. Curious? Read more...

But, I already have underwear?

Maybe. But do you have underwear designed with your sexual lifestyle in mind? If not, then there’s a chance you’re missing out. Our range of panties and thongs are for people who want the most for their sexual wellbeing. That means something that can be used before, during or after sex. Anytime and anyplace a kinkster may need it.

Boost your confidence!

Anyone can feel sexy anytime they choose. Just slip on a thong or panty and let the show begin. These simple lingerie items have a wonderful ability to highlight your natural curves and tease your partner’s eyes. Wearing a thong or panty under your clothes will also undoubtedly make you feel sexy. In turn, this will boost your confidence wherever you go. It could be at work, at a restaurant or at the shops.

Are there different styles?

Hell, yes! That’s the beauty of thongs and panties. There is a style suitable for anyone. And not only colour or material. You can also find different variations of a panty, for example, that can give you more of a thrill.

A crotchless panty or string looks like any other sexy piece of underwear. The difference is that it has an open slit at the crotch area, which is not only mouth-watering, it also makes for some interesting sexual scenarios.

In some cases, panties come equipped with a vibrator that can be inserted in the crotch area and controlled with a remote. This means you can wear it as if it is a normal piece of underwear, except you’re just a click away from epic pleasure.

Shop online for sexy thongs and panties

Passionfruit is proud to be one of the best online sex shops in South Africa. Browse our high-quality range of thongs and panties to treat yourself or your partner to the satisfaction and pleasure you deserve. We also respect your privacy and security, ensuring your online info is kept safe and secure.

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Thongs & Panties

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Pearl Lace String - Amy

These may look ordinary but look closer. This comfortable and sexy black lace thong features a hidden, sewn-in white pearl string which, um, will tickle your fancy in a really good way. The perfect gift for that special pearl in your life!
Price R399.00

Crotchless Lace String - Bea

On first glimpse you may think these are just a “standard” sexy red thong which you’d find in the undies section of most clothing stores. Thing is, they’re not! The kinky twist is what we love about these sassy little panties.
Price R399.00

Star String - Nancy

Almost bare, but they’re there! These are some of our totally lust-able must-haves. Spice things up for you and for your partner with this naughty playtime micro thong. Incredibly minimalistic and super sexy, this black string thong is adorned at the front with delicate chains linking up to a pearl adornment in the center which sits at the top of your slit.
Price R399.00

Crotchless String - Louise - Rose

The sensual Rose Crotchless String has slim-line elasticated sides with diamante covered link chain details, a mesh and embroidered rose front with jewels, criss-cross back and open crotch to ramp up the sex appeal. You'll feel confident and desirable. It comes beautifully packaged, wrapped in colourful tissue paper.
Price R399.00

Pearl String - Jade

Attached to the lace waistband are two glamorous rows of crotch pearls running from the front to the back. This stunning pearl G-string is exceptionally revealing! The double pearls hug and decorate your pussy nicely... but just wait and see until you walk with them on.
Price R399.00