Our simple and honest Refund & Replacement Policy

Our Refund & Replacement Policy is based on a very simple and fair idea: We are not happy if you're not satisfied! 
But here's the deal: Please first read our basic refund & replacement "house rules" below and then get in touch with us indicating the item(s) being claimed and the exact reason(s) why. 

My product is faulty upon receipt - will you replace it?

Yes, of course!
In the unlikely event that your product is faulty or damagedd upon receipt, we’ll immediately replace or refund your purchase. Please let us know as soon as you realise that there is something not right with your purchase and we'll sort it out.

Can I return an unwanted product or an unwanted gift?

Yes, you are welcome to request a return of unwanted goods. We will replace or refund your purchase provided that your request is within 5 days after receiving it and provided that the product is unopened and still in its original and sealed packaging. We may not accept such returns where the packaging has been tampered with in any way.

What if there is nothing wrong with the product - but it’s just not quite working for me?

Don't worry, we are friendly and sensible people and we listen to our customers. You can trust our expertise of over 16 years of experience in the sex toy industry. In most cases we'll gladly offer or suggest a similar product or at least we'll offer a partial compensation like a discount on your next order. Sex toys are there for experimenting and enjoying the fun along the way. There is no satisfaction guarantee - what works for one might not work for another.

What if the product is too big or too small? 

Adult products are a great way to explore your own body(s). And although we understand a lot about sex toys & lingerie - we don't know your body. Therfore our product pictures and descriptions are as precise as possible and the measurements are es exact as possible - please read the descriptions carefully and take note of the size/measurements before ordering. We may not accept a full refund or replacement if the claim is purely based on the size or fit of the product.

A word on hygiene and safety of intimate products:

We sell very sexy and very intimate products. Way more intimate than underwear! Once one of our products has been taken out of it's original and sealed packaging we would never be able to resell it again - just like (hopefully!) the shop where you buy your underwear. Therefore we would generally never ask you to return an opened, claimed product to us. We might only have to arrange a return of a high valued product which has to be sent back to the manufacturer for a warranty inspection.

A few, fair conditions:

All claims must be requested as soon as possible after you received your order and latest within 6 months after your purchase.
Replacement delivery/postage costs are the responsibility of the customer unless the claimed item was damaged or faulty upon receipt.