Anal Douches

Also known as rectal douching, anal douching is the process of cleaning/rinsing out your rectum for anal play and general anal hygiene. hygienic anal play. Anal douches allow you to safely douche in the comfort of your own home. This is ideal, especially if you regularly enjoy anal play and want a convenient way to stay clean. Curious? Read more...

What types of anal douches can you get?

At Passionfruit we have safe and durable anal douches to suit any person’s needs. Some are handheld and easily portable, and others can work as attachments to your shower hose.

Douches also come in different material, one of the most popular is silicone.

How do you use an anal douche?

Start by filling it up with water if it is a handheld douche. Make sure the water is lukewarm. If it is too hot or cold, it may be very uncomfortable for you.

Then you have to get yourself into a comfortable position. This will depend on you but most people find it easy to lie down on their side and bring their top leg upwards. This will create easy access for you to insert the douche.

If you’re finding it difficult to insert the point of the douche, then you could use a little bit of lube. Remember to use water-based lube if the douche is silicone.

Once inserted, gently squeeze out the water. It may feel a little strange but it is just the sensation of the water.

After that, remove the tip of the douche and head over to the toilet. Try as best as you can to hold the water in a while, 2-5 minutes should be enough. Then, let the water come out, in the toilet.

Even though the majority of the water will come out immediately, give yourself about 20-30 minutes to let any excess water come out before engaging in anal play.

Looking after your douche

After using your douche, you can clean it with warm soapy water. You can also use a sex toy cleaner if you’ve got. Let it dry thoroughly before storing it away.

Anal douches tips

Douching is hygienic and safe, however, there are a few things to consider.

1) Don’t over douche! Douching on occasion is great for safe, clean anal play, but douching everyday day or several times a day, for example, is not recommended.

2) Make sure the temperature of the water that you use to douche is lukewarm. The anus is extremely sensitive, so if something is mildly uncomfortable to your hand, it will be very uncomfortable for your ass.

3) Before you jump in, you may want to read Our Safe Tips for Anal Sex.

Shop discretely with Passionfruit

Buy anal douches discretely and securely with Passionfruit. Our online ordering process is easy and convenient, giving you a wide selection of high-quality anal douches in South Africa to choose from. Once ordered, we ship your toys in discrete packaging to ensure your privacy. 

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Anal Douches

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Easytoys Black Anal Douche

Have the best anal experience by being prepared with this black anal douche. It will give you peace of mind while you explore anal sex, foreplay or masturbation without worries. 
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Splash Queen Anal Douche

The smooth velvet touch Splash Queen Intimate Douche is designed for delivering intimate hygiene and pleasures. For clean and hygienic anal play that's more enjoyable than ever, this fantastic douche will ensure that your most intimate areas are ready for close attention. 
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Red Intimate Anal Douche

Clean has never been such fun with the Red Intimate Anal Douche System! Now you can give your back door the respect and cleanliness it deserves! The 8cm Bulb Probe can be used alone (best for beginners) or with the 14cm Flow Head attachment (for squeaky clean bottoms). Very easy to use with water-soluble lube.
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Anal Love Shower

Two piece anal douche syringe kit, including bulb for drawing fluid to be injected and two attachable heads for even dispersal. A simple but effective anal shower for anal sex enthusiasts. One step insertion and maximum cleansing from an easy-to-use unit. Highly recommended for beginners and those just wanting to keep the back door clean.
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Bad Kitty - Intimate Anal Shower

The Intimate Shower will make you confident and proud knowing that you have a clean ass that will be enjoyed by whomever you wish to share it with! Superbly comfortable and easy to use, this anal douche has a trio of heads for different sensations and different cleaning capabilities.
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Black Velvet Anal Douche

Prepare yourself in style. The elegant and comfortable Black Velvet Anal Douche features a 14cm long attachment with a rounded tip for easy insertion and a stimulus ball for anus massage/relaxation. The attachment has a screw thread for a secure fit to the water bulb.
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Wet 'n Horny Intimate Anal Douche

Just what the Doctor ordered! A milky transparent rectal enema syringe for dirty, clean enema play. This medical style enema syringe allows you to precisely control the amount of liquid you use in your enema with incremental measures that range from 10 - 100ml.
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