Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers help men to stimulate their prostate gland, or P-spot. This experience can be extremely intense and could even result in a P-spot orgasm. A P-spot orgasm has been described as a full body orgasm similar to a G-spot orgasm that women experience. Thanks to the exciting development of sex toys for men, prostate massagers now come in many different shapes and sizes. Passionfruit has an exciting collection of prostate massagers available for anyone in South Africa who wishes to experience the intensity of P-spot stimulation. Curious? Read more...

How do prostate massagers work?

The shape and design of a prostate massager are meant to target the prostate gland, which is about 2 to 3 centimetres inside the anus. Many of them are slightly curved to conform to the internal shape of your rectum. In many ways, it would be similar to using your finger.

It is also common for prostate massagers to vibrate with different vibration patterns, which will gently stimulate your prostate. These vibrations could also help you achieve a P-spot orgasm.

Before inserting a prostate massager, it’s important to apply lubricant to the massager as well as your anus. This will help you avoid hurting yourself, as well as make the experience more enjoyable.

Types of prostate massagers

Prostate massagers have different designs but they all can deliver a huge amount of satisfaction. Once inserted they will easily pinpoint the prostate. Some are smooth for easy entry while others have bulges and grooves to make the sensations more intense.

If you’ve never tried stimulating your prostate before, then you should possibly start with a smaller, smooth one to get used to the feeling.

Cleanliness and safety

Keeping your prostate massager clean is a necessary part of the fun. Before using your massager, make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned. Before putting it in water, also ensure that the massager is waterproof to avoid damaging it.

After you’re done using it, you should clean it again before storing it away safely. To clean your massager, use warm and mildly soapy water or sex toy cleaner.

If you feel any kind of pain when inserting or using your prostate massager, it’s best to take it out. The experience may be a little uncomfortable if it is your first time, but ultimately it should feel incredibly satisfying.

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Passionfruit is committed to your privacy and satisfaction. That’s why we ship our products in plain packaging for absolute discretion. We’ll also make sure you have a safe and secure online shopping experience with our high security standards.

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Prostate Massagers

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Rocks Off - Naughty Boy

The Naughty Boy dual action prostate massager is a slimmer version of the best selling Rude Boy, and the gentler, tapered curves and smaller, more compact profile make it the perfect introduction to prostate play! Don't look at the price, just throw this in your trolley and you'll thank us later...
Price R999.00
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Rocks Off - Quest Prostate Massager

Take your first steps on an exhilarating anal pleasure journey with the Rocks Off Quest Prostate Massager. This beginner's prostate stimulator has 10 powerful vibrating functions to give you incredible thrills.
Price R779.00
In Stock!
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Rocks Off - RO ZEN PRO

Stimulating your cock, balls, perineum, butt AND prostate all at once, this cock-ring-prostate-massager combo does everything! 10 powerful speeds and patterns travel through the silicone toy to all of those sensitive nerve endings for big time satisfaction and a journey to orgasm like never before.
Price R1,199.00
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Rebel Bead Shaped Prostate Massager

This delicious prostate massager features bulbous contours to provide a more filling sensation for the more experienced user. The result? One of the most intense prostate massagers available, created to offer insistent stimulation to 2 of your most sensitive erogenous areas.
Price R559.00
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