Rebel 3 Piece Prostate Plug Set

A hot prostate plug trio for anal pleasure!

Enjoy the 3-Piece Prostate Plug Set from Rebel that includes 3 butt plugs with different sizes and weights for spot-on prostate stimulation.

They are perfectly suitable for stretching and training. Each plug has an ergonomic shape with a bulging P-spot tip, a curved perineum stimulator and a practical finger loop that also functions as a stopper.

Be sure to use anal lubricant for slick and satisfying ass play.


1. Small plug

• Complete Length: 11.1cm
• Insertion Length: 7.1cm
• Width max: 2.8cm

2. Medium plug

• Complete Length: 13.1cm
• Insertion Length: 8.6cm
• Width max: 3.3cm

3. Large plug

• Complete Length: 15.1cm
• Insertion Length: 9.6cm
• Width max: 3.8cm

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