We-Vibe sex toys are bringing intimacy and pleasure to couples in a whole new way. Each toy is designed so that it can be used by couples just as comfortably as sex toys that can be used alone. We-Vibe’s range of sex toys caters to anyone who enjoys a luxurious intimate experience. Their innovative approach to pleasure and their focus on quality has resulted in one of the world’s most well-known brands when it comes to stimulation. Passionfruit’s online sex store has a wide range of We-Vibe adult toys for all women, men and couples wanting more out of their sex life. Curious? Read more...

What makes we-vibe vibrators so great?

We-Vibe vibrators are so great because they have an incredible range of uses and designs. From their different vibration modes to the quality of the materials. Couples can easily incorporate We-Vibe toys into their lives and be satisfied with their effectiveness and their stylishness, which makes them collectable as well.

Vibrating variety

We-Vibe vibrators have 10+ customisation options in the form of flexibility and vibration patterns. Some We-Vibe vibrators allow for complete customisation with vibrating “playlists” that you can activate and change at will.

Rechargeable batteries

There are no charging ports on We-Vibe devices making them 100% seamless and sleek. The devices use a charging base and recharges through a magnetic connection point. The We-Vibe takes four hours to fully charge and holds a charge for 120 minutes.

Waterproof, body-safe material

We-Vibe sex toys are made with silky-soft, medical-grade silicone that is 100% waterproof, even when fully submerged. The toys can be taken from the bedroom to the bathtub for the most luxurious, intimate experience.


While the two motors within We-Vibe vibrators are strong enough for even the most intense pleasure, they were created to be practically silent. No one will know that you are having the ultimate pleasure experience.

How to use a We-Vibe vibrator

You can use your We-Vibe during foreplay, sex or even during solo sessions. They are equipped to provide you and a partner with intense stimulation, which can be used all over your body. It’s a good idea to use water-based lubricant with any vibrator, to make the experience more sensual and enjoyable for both partners.

Get your next We-Vibe toy with Passionfruit

Passionfruit has a sexy collection of We-Vibe toys. Enjoy a safe a secure online shopping experience with one of the top online sex stores in South Africa. All our orders are posted within 24 hours on weekdays and are shipped in discreet and plain packaging for privacy.

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We-Vibe Match Couples Vibrator - Periwinkle

Now you and your partner can enjoy each other with a little help from this We-Vibe couple’s vibrator. It has been designed specifically to give couples an intimate and orgasmic experience and can even be controlled remotely.
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We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator - Cosmic Blue

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