Male Underwear

Male Underwear seems to never have been given too much attention compared to lingerie for women, but we think that even men deserve to feel sexy and confident when stripped down to their undies. Let's say goodbye to the days of boxers, tight uncomfortable jockeys and even those loose, saggy ones! We have a wide selection of men's underwear for you to choose from. This includes thongs, jocks as well as jockstraps - all designed for you to feel confident, sexy and seductive while ensuring that your comfort stays the main priority. Once you start using these adult toys the ladies and gents won't be able to keep their hands off of you!

Male Underwear

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Briefs - Juan

These innocent white briefs are a summer must-have: great to show off your tight tanned tush. Slip them on after a day on the beach and you're ready for sundowner cock-tails.A snug waist band compliments the funky, elastic and slightly glossy fabric designed with transparent and opaque stripes to emphasize your shape and form to its max.
Price R399.00

Thong - Mario

Un poco distraído? You'll be causing a stir with Mario...The "Mario" is a good and easy fit, made from 90% viscose it's soft to the touch but with a good elastic hold for your tools. It comes in a matt black finish with flashy contrasting silver-coloured front zipper.
Price R349.00