Male Underwear

Why settle for boring underwear when you can wear something sexy? Our range of male underwear is both comfortable and kinky, giving you the pleasure of wearing it for any occasion. It’s not only women that can feel confident and sexy with nice underwear. Men can boost their sex appeal, confidence and mood with a great jockstrap, thong, or a pair of briefs. You have to have underwear anyway, so why not make it worthwhile?  Curious? Read more...

One thing to look out for when buying underwear is how it makes you feel. When you wear it do you feel ready to satisfy all of your needs or is it just another piece of clothing. You should also consider why you want it. With briefs, jockstraps, and thongs you have exciting options, and some may be better suited for your personal needs than others. Keep reading to find out more.

Finding the perfect style

All our male underwear is of the highest quality. That means they will not only look great on you but feel great also. There are different styles to choose from. These include:

Jockstraps – These are made to expose your butt and to also support your penis and balls. Just think of all the kinky possibilities!

Thongs – A thong is a great way to tease any onlookers or your partner. It also feels wonderful under your clothes while you are out and about.

Briefs – Comfortable and convenient. Briefs are great for a long day.

What’s the best underwear for men?

It all depends on you. We have no doubt that you will enjoy any of our underwear, but it is good to have something for every occasion. It also doesn’t matter if you want to wear them at home with your partner or when you go out. Either way, you will feel sexy and ready for action.

Order from South Africa’s best online sex store

Ready to get kit yourself out with awesome male underwear? We have a wide selection of underwear to make you and your partner happy. We also have one of the best collections of male sex toys in the country that will make you sweat. All our products are shipped in plain packaging so that you can keep your secret private.

Our online adult store also keeps your information secure and safe, giving you peace of mind when buying your kinky toys. Let’s get started!

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Male Underwear

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Thong - Mario

Un poco distraído? You'll be causing a stir with Mario...The "Mario" is a good and easy fit, made from 90% viscose it's soft to the touch but with a good elastic hold for your tools. It comes in a matt black finish with flashy contrasting silver-coloured front zipper.
Price R349.00