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Male underwear doesn’t only have to be functional. The best underwear for men includes those that are comfortable but are also versatile enough for a man who wants to feel and look sexy. This increases confidence and can help set the tone when the pants come off.

Choose from these 3 styles of male underwear to start feeling sexy:

 1) Jockstraps

The versatile jockstrap is underwear that provides a good support to your package. The front pouch will lift your junk to an elevated position, which will also make you feel more comfortable. It will also look more prominent through your pants, grabbing the attention of anyone interested.

What’s great about jockstraps are that they make sure you don’t experience abrasion or chafing. Jockstraps also support your ass while being open at the back. This gives you a feeling of freedom but can also be convenient if you love being “visited” from the back. Your own Male Sex Toy for the wild one. 

2) Briefs

Brief are easy and great for anytime, anywhere. It’s worthwhile to own a few pairs, which are the standard go-to underwear, especially if you need something quick and comfortable. They come in a variety of designs, colours, and variations, and provide full coverage to the backside and your package.

Briefs are ideal for everyday wear, or if you enjoy wearing jeans, since they will give you an extra layer of comfort. However, they work well under most pants and are a must-have if you’re into sport. Some briefs are lace or see-through, which can give you the sexy look and feel you want, while also being functional.

3) Thongs

If you enjoy feeling sexy, even under your clothes, then you would be silly not to get a thong. When wearing a sexy thong, whether or not people can see it, you will feel more confident and desirable. Thongs come in many shapes and sizes, the important thing is that they shouldn’t be baggy but firm. Go for a see-through thong if you really want to make whoever’s watching sweat.

A thong is perfect if you want to set the mood for an evening with your partner, go out for a night in town, or just be a sex bomb. A firm and well-fitted thong will also lift your package, making it look prominent and bulging.