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  • Sex Toys (87)

    When it comes to Sex Toys, there are a million and one questions around it such as: Which one do I get first? Is this one too big? Will my partner be mad at me? Am I being over-kill? The list can go on and on, but we have created a Sex Toy Blog for all our readers out there to make your life a bit easier by answering all these questions for you.

    We are here to guide you through your beginner, intermediate and...

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  • Sexual Wellbeing (57)

    Along with great, exciting and fun sex comes a bit of responsibility as well such as cleaning agents for sex toys, personal lubricants, the how to’s, the do’s and the don’ts and simply getting to know yourself better sexually.

    The only way to know what you like, is to experiment until you find what tickles your fancy like nothing else. The next step would be to find someone who can indulge in pleasure with you time and time again (or find multiple people who can do that).

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  • Lingerie / Sexy Clothing (7)

    Are you feeling spicy? Rather sexy? Ready to let out your inner vixen for the night? BUT you are not sure what to do about it? Or how to do it?! Well, you have certainly come to the right place to find the answers you are looking for! Choosing Lingerie/Sexy Clothing can be quite hard for various reasons such as which colour, which design, which cut, which material and SO MANY OTHER THINGS.

    You obviously want to blow your partner’s mind when they first see you walk out in your...

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  • Fetish / BDSM / Roleplay (20)

    When it comes to sex and foreplay, there is a rather long list of things that people have in common in terms of what they find pleasurable or not, what turns them on and off and what really gets them ticking to the point of explosion. But, on the odd occasion, there are a few things that some find enticing which can be seen as taboo to others. We like to refer to these “things” as Fetish & BDSM.

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