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Since 1996, Fun Factory has used its expertise and experience to guide them to create sex toys that make people happy. This brand was born in the nineties in Bremen, Germany, when two engineering postgrads identified the need for truly FUN adult toys made from the best materials available. And sure, they did just that. Read more...

Why are Fun Factory Adult Toys so great?

As innovators in the industry, Fun Factory was the first to introduce vibrant silicone colours to the world of dildos. They were trailblazers creating rechargeable vibrators, and have the distinction of being the inaugural recipients of a “mainstream design award” for a sex toy.

The materials

Fun Factory toys are made out of 100% medical-grade silicone, and high-quality hypoallergenic materials that are also body-safe. Their products are crafted to be compatible with your skin.

This velvety silicone adds to the practical usability of their toys as well as to the users’ pleasure because they are waterproof and hold lube. This means that you can go for as long as you want, without anything sliding off so that you are free to focus on having FUN.

All the Fun Factory’s rechargeable toys are 100% waterproof and as long as the toy’s battery compartment is covered, they too, are waterproof. It’s important to note that Fun Factory toys should only be used with water-based lube because silicone-based lube could damage the control element and change the toy's surface. You can, however, use fluids other than the Fun Factory brand - just as long as they are water-based.

Impeccable design

With the raised-button interface, this brand puts the FUN in functional. Each toy has a maximum of three buttons which makes functionality and operation effortless. According to Fun Factory, you can find the buttons easily even if you are blindfolded, have lube on your hands, or even from the craziest angle. Feel free to be the judge of that, as we are pretty confident you won’t mind at all.

Fun Factory is committed to exploration, creativity and innovation and is well known for its incredible, award-winning product design. The RedDot Design award and an International Forum Design award are high on their list of accolades.

In addition to the design, Fun Factory products come in bold, bright colours in interesting shapes and designs which make them visually appealing.

Attention to detail

The Fun Factory team pays great attention to detail. Some of the toys are poured by hand, while others are engineered by custom-built machines. Similarly, colour-mixing is sometimes done by hand. Not only that, products are made with extreme precision and go through a high level of quality assurance.

It’s all about making toys that are textured or smooth, look like fun, and are excellent quality that you can rely on.

Not only is Fun Factory committed to its customers, but also to the planet. With packaging made out of recycled paperboard and an average of 40 tons of resources saved through their many recycling efforts, they pride themselves in maintaining a small CO₂ footprint. And as they often say - Green is the new sexy - Fun Factory delivers in more ways than one.

Something for everyone

This incredible brand has something for everyone. Regardless of gender, age, or sexual orientation—or level of intensity or intimacy zone— there is a Fun Factory toy for you.

Types of Fun Factory Toys

To meet everyone's needs, Fun Factory has a wide selection of toys. Here are some examples:


Vibrators are the classic sex toy
and have been around since the early 1880s. Fun Factory has gone above and beyond to perfect this toy. Their vibrator range includes 

1) rechargeable vibrators that are extra powerful, battery vibrators for the occasional user, the budget-friendly hybrid which is battery-operated and 2) rechargeable for those who might want to upgrade at a later stage.


Fun Factory's diverse selection of dildo shapes offers a wide array of options, whether you prefer super-realistic or whimsical designs, textured or smooth, single or double-ended, and much more. There are classic dildos that are harness-compatible which have a base that has a strong suction as well as wearable double dildos that are great for face-to-face simultaneous stimulation. In addition, they offer a selection of special dildos for kinky players - at any experience level.

Kegal Balls

The Fun Factory's kegel balls not only help to strengthen the pelvic muscles but enhance orgasms. Did you know that a woman can insert her Kegal balls and just go about her regular day, while all the time working on her pelvic floor? This kind of muscle training can amp up sensations during sex and make those climaxes even better.

Male Masturbator

Yes, the hand has done noble work for years before and will probably continue doing so for years to come. But you cannot ignore the elevated pleasure that comes from spot-on pressure and the soothing rhythmic massage that innovative masturbator tech offers. Fun Factory’s male masturbators are no different and probably even better. With their toys targeting the frenulum - the apparent “clitoris” of the penis - Fun Factory male masturbators will give you more intense and longer-lasting orgasms. You be the judge of that.

Anal Plugs

The first rule of anal toys is lube, lube, lube and then it’s time to get to the anal FUN stuff. Fun Factory’s anal plugs are designed to be comfortably inserted and stay securely in place during various activities. When used together with vaginal penetration, the anal plug can help guide penetration to reach that oh-so-sweet G-spot, adding an exciting dimension to your sexual experience. Some of the Fun Factory’s anal plugs are even curved to offer targeted prostate stimulation, providing guys with a satisfying sense of fullness.

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