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A fantasy for some, a fear for others but when done right, a world of pleasure for givers and receivers. While most still think of anal play as the stereotypical penetration of the anus by a penis, it actually has a world of different meanings.

Anal sex toys are something that can be enjoyed equally by heterosexual and gay couples alike and even by the singles out there! Men may receive more pleasure as “receivers” during anal play due to the prostate in the anus (commonly known as the male “g-spot”). But women can also receive just as much pleasure as men due to millions of nerves located in the anus.

Our Tips for Anal Sex:

1) Ways to have fun

Anal play activities include rimming (mouth-to-anus), external stimulation and insertion. Insertion can include bodily parts such as fingers, tongues and genitals, sex toys (along with specially designed anal sex toys) or other objects (don't forget the lubricant)

The key to a pleasant experience with any of these is preparation and foreplay. First-time anal players should go slowly, gently and with the utmost care. The reason for this is that anal tissue is very thin and can easily become torn or “traumatised” with direct and forceful penetration, resulting in discomfort. With this said, it is also important to avoid any sharp objects such as long fingernails and rather opt for smooth anal toys along with non-ribbed condoms.

Condoms are important when it comes to any form of anal play. Condoms minimise the risk of infection during anal as well as during the sharing of anal toys, not to mention make a great addition as an extra lubricant. It is also strongly advised to avoid vaginal penetration by the same object after anal play as this also carries the risk of transmitting infection. Given that the anus does not lubricate itself, condoms won’t always provide enough lubrication and therefore it is recommended to use water-based lubricant.

2) Staying clean

Cleaning the anus by means of an anal douche, warm water solution, enemas or shaving means more confidence during play time. Although a common misconception that anal play is in fact “dirty”, it really all depends on how you choose to handle it but just as important as foreplay is, so is the aftercare. While some discomfort may be felt, a warm bath and shower afterwards can help to soothe any pain and help with cleanliness, preventing possible infections.

At the end of the day, anal play should be fun and done with someone you feel comfortable with. Trying it on your own can also help you to find out what it is you do and don’t like and whether it is or isn’t for you. So, take your time exploring and get used to what feels good for you.

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