Bad Kitty - Bed-Shackles Pro Set

Turn your bedroom into a bondage dungeon, and use your partner any way you want! A bed restraint can help you do that, leaving your partner helpless while you take control.

The four straps with snap hooks on the ends are placed under the mattress and the connection strap joins them all together. Start by putting the handcuffs and ankle cuffs on your partner, and then attach them to the snap hooks. Adjust the cuffs with the hook and loop fasteners to get them as tight as you need.

Once fastened in, your partner won't be able to get out. They will be in a position ready for you and all your lust. The best part is that their legs will be spread, what you do is up to you. The straps are easy to put on and adjust if you want to get your partner out quickly and finish the night in a different way. Everything is adjustable.

• Connection strap max: 140 cm
• Restraint straps max: 140 cm
• Handcuffs and ankle cuffs max. 8.5 cm

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