Clitoria CBD Arousal Oil 30ml

Once aroused, the vagina lubricates naturally creating a wetness all of its own. Including a personal lubricant can be an exciting enhancement to pleasure and play. What is more, our CBD Arousal Oil is more than a lubricant. It contains only natural ingredients and the aphrodisiacal phytocannabinoids of the cannabis sativa plant. Not only rich in fatty acids for moisturising, used topically, CBD promotes increased blood flow to the vulva and clitoris which gently swell and stimulate sensitivity and arousal. The muscles of the vagina relax, natural lubrication is enhanced and sensation is heightened leading to enlivened sexual pleasure and fuller, more intense orgasms.

Clitoria CBD Arousal Oil 30ml can also reduce physical tension and discomfort, creating the relaxation necessary for an enhanced sensual experience with orgasms easier to reach and to peak again and again.

How do I apply Clitoria and how much do I use?

Apply five sprays and massage directly onto the clitoris, inner and outer labia; or spray and apply inside the vagina. This activates your body’s natural relaxation and sensual response. Internal application provides the highest absorption and increased stimulation.

Allow a minimum of 15 minutes absorption time before pleasuring and reapply as needed for lasting enjoyment.
As everyone’s body is unique, we encourage you to experiment to find the application and strength that is just right for your body.

Product Information

Clitoria CBD Arousal Oil is made to work with your body and is 100% natural, plant-based and vegan-friendly with no fragrances or additives. Our cannabis is sourced locally and is of the highest grade. We use small-batch production to ensure the highest quality and shelf-life.


• Grape Seed Oil
• Apricot Kernel Oil
• Full Spectrum CBD Extract
• Vitamin E


If you have a medical condition or take pharmaceutical drugs, please consult your physician before use. Avoid use if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and do not use it in conjunction with Latex condoms or toys.

For Adult use only.

Natural is best

Clitoria CBD Arousal Oil is not tested on animals. It is safe for the vagina and does not contain any of the following:

• Alcohol
• Petroleum-based ingredients
• Phthalates
• Glycerin
• Parabens
• Dyes
• Heavy metals
• Synthetic ingredients

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