Under Mattress Restraint Set

Restrain your partner and make your bondage sessions even more exciting with this high-quality bed restraint system. Because of the adjustable straps, the system fits on any mattress, so is ideal for those who want to get kinky anywhere where there is a bed.

Simply put the straps underneath your mattress and let the cuffs hang out at the sides. Then let your partner lie on the bed and tie their hands and ankles with the detachable cuffs. Once tied in, escape is impossible! Think of all the dirty but wonderful things you can do.

All four cuffs are adjustable for a perfect fit. They are also made of sturdy and durable faux leather and are lined with foam for comfortable use.

A must-have BDSM set for all the bondage enthusiasts!

• Material: Imitation Leather, Metal
• Max.lLength: 350 cm


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