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Sex is great, but with the right sex toys it can be even better. Couples who want to explore the wetter and stickier parts of their relationship will enjoy a few extra tools to help them find the way. These 5 couples sex toys are ideal for novice or experienced South Africans who are not sure want they want but know it has to do with screaming.

1) We-Vibe

The We-Vibe couples vibrator is a sneaky and powerful little toy that one partner can use to stimulate the other partner’s privates remotely. You can either use a wireless remote control for covert and simple operation, or it can be controlled via Wi-Fi with a smartphone.

The We-Vibe has different models, meaning you can find the one that fits just right for you. They are made from silky smooth silicone and are designed to stay securely in place and still leave room for penetration. One of the most recent and effective models is the We-Vibe 4 Plus, which can give powerful orgasms at the touch of a button.

2) Bed Shackles

A little bondage can go a long way in delivering epic sex. But rather than become experts in BDSM toys, why not just try some bed shackles to create an atmosphere that will make even the BDSM experts wet.

Bed shackles usually come with a set of hand and ankle cuffs that are connected to each other. Your partner can be tied down with arms and legs spread wide. This means that once cuffed, your partner will have limited movement and will only have the option of submitting to your desires.

3) Vibrating Nipple Clamps

Vibrating nipple clamps give a couple the option of dramatically enhancing the pleasure of touch, taste and feel while in the middle of a sweaty night.

Once fitted tightly onto your own or your partner's nipples, the vibrations will add to the already pleasurable pinch of the clamps. This will definitely help arouse a couple before, during or after sex. Vibrating nipple clamps also come with different levels of vibration to choose from. So you can go from gentle moaning to screaming, as required.

4) Paddle

Has your partner been naughty? Introduce a little roleplay into your bedroom and discipline that partner of yours to teach them a lesson. A paddle grants the holder the experience of being in control, while the partner on the receiving end will be thankful for the deserved and enjoyable spanking.

Paddles are flexible, durable and effective so that they can suit the needs and desires of any couple wanting to try something new or continue on their BDSM adventure. The choice is yours, start teaching your partner how to be good.

5) Vibrating Butt Plug

For the anal lovers, a vibrating butt plug is a must. Not only will they give you the satisfaction of having something deep inside you, the vibrations will leave you senseless. The throbbing of vibrating butt plugs also helps you open up so that as a couple, you can enjoy deep anal that may not have been possible before.

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