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To get an idea of what people out there are fantasizing about, just look at what online users are searching for. Porn websites can tell us a lot about the public’s deepest, kinkiest thoughts. And the data doesn’t lie, the world is full of naughty thoughts, from hentai to cheerleaders, if you can imagine it, people are looking for it.

2017 was an interesting year. According to data released by one of the worlds’ biggest porn websites, Pornhub, South Africa has a big appetite for steamy content. In fact, SA was second in the world in terms of time spent on Pornhub, with the average user spending a long, hard 11 minutes and 2 seconds on the site. The only country to beat us was the Philippines.

So, what are South Africans getting off to for so long? Here are the top 10 things people from the Rainbow Nation were searching for in 2017:

  •       Black South African
  •       Cheerleader
  •       Black
  •       Lesbian
  •       Ebony
  •       Milf
  •       Big Black ass
  •       Step mom
  •       Watching
  •       Mom 

Looking at the results, it makes sense that the top performing category in SA is ebony. To top it all off, this category was also viewed 115% more in SA than in the rest of the world!

But what are some of the biggest fantasies worldwide? Let’s take a look at the most searched for porn around the globe in 2017 from Pornhub:

  •       Lesbian
  •       Hentai
  •       Milf
  •       Stepmom
  •       Stepsister

It seems that people are mostly fantasising about girl on girl action. This could be men dreaming of their perfect scenario or women who are exploring their sexuality and their fantasies. Having a stepmom or stepsister also seems to be an attractive "taboo" situation for many online porn watchers. The most surprising result, however, must be the rise in popularity of NSFW hentai.

So, what fantasies are you watching when online?