Vinyl Glossy Games Pool

It’s time to squirt without changing the sheets. Or cover yourself in lube, oil or whatever your partner loves the taste of. With the vinyl pool, you will be able to enjoy getting wet, without making the bed wet.

This durable black vinyl sheet has an inflatable border, making it ideal for a couple who want to roll around inside it. Play your erotic games and get as wet as you want while the inflatable border keeps all the fluids from getting the bed dirty, and the smooth vinyl allows you to slide easily from one corner to the other. And to get your games going - 1 litre of water-based lubricant is included!

Stains? Now, you don’t need to worry about making stains on your mattress, since the strong vinyl sheet will keep any wetness from getting through, meaning when your fun is done, you don’t have a mountain of laundry waiting for you.

Once you are exhausted and ready to sleep in a clean bed, simply clean the sheet easily and quickly so that it can be stored away for another night of slippery fun.

• Size: 140cm x 220cm
• Border: 15cm
• Material: 100% polychloride (vinyl)
• 1 litre of water-based lubricant is included!

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