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It’s sexy, shiny, and seductive. Latex wear is something you can show off on a night out or even in the bedroom. However, this kind of versatility means it can get dirty.

To keep your special garments in good condition, you need to take proper care of them, which includes cleaning them correctly. But rather than running straight to the washing machine, here are a few pointers to help you both wash and store your latex without damaging it.

How do I wash my latex clothing?

Instead of using a standard washing machine, which could potentially damage latex due to the strong detergents, you should use a bucket or sink filled with warm water.

Simply fill the bucket or basin with warm water and add a few drops of mild soap. The soap is completely optional, and you should avoid using strong detergents or cleaning agents. Once the water is ready, put your latex wear in and swirl it around using your hands.

Once you’re done, remove the clothing and squeeze the remaining water out. Then, lay it on a dry towel. To stop it from sticking to itself, rub it in talcum powder after it has completely dried.

How to shine a latex dress or other latex clothing?

There are specially developed sprays and polishes that can be safely used to give your latex clothing a sleek and shiny finish. You could also possibly use a small amount of silicone lube to rub over the clothing which will give it that iconic shine. Don’t overdo it though. A little goes a long way.

Latex care tips:

Some extremely important things to consider about your seductive wear include:

• Don’t attempt to tumble dry or dry clean any latex or rubber garments.

• Latex can easily pick up scents from smoking and smoking areas, so avoid places with strong odours and poor ventilation.

• Make sure that your garment is fully dry and powdered inside and out before putting it away.


Can you use baby oil on latex clothing?

Absolutely not! Any kind of oil can permanently stain or damage latex, even greasy fingers. So wash your hands after that bowl of chips!

How do I store my latex clothing correctly?

It’s best to store your latex clothing on a hanger instead of folding it, which can leave creases.

How do I put on my latex clothes correctly?

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get into a piece of latex wear. Rather than tugging and pulling till the world’s end, apply a small amount of lube onto your skin. This will help you slide into your latex outfit without ripping it apart.

Where to buy latex clothing

You can pick up latex wear from many different stores. For something a bit sexier, you may want to consider shopping online. We have a wide range of women and men’s fetish wear.

With the right care, you can keep your favourite latex outfit for as long as you wish. Although it may seem like a little bit of work, in the beginning, the memories you’ll collect will definitely make it all worth it. Read our guide to wearing Latex & Vinyl.