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What is it about latex and vinyl that has you feeling like a vixen or stud? Well, it’s super shiny and feels so smooth on your skin, it’s no wonder it’s a popular dress-up choice (we’re thinking Catwoman here). But there’s far more to latex than superheroes. 

Because latex moulds to your body, it’s a perfect material to get dressed up in when you’re wanting to look and feel sexy. And it’s even better when you have a collection of latex wear to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something that feels sensual, or just want to get your partner going, there are multitudes of options. 

You may be thinking, “Well, isn’t latex and vinyl just for fetishists?” Not so! Sure, some people have a stronger liking for the material, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experiment. It’s said that latex is a turn-on for both men and women – and that’s true! In fact, there are designs for men as well as women, and the jury’s out on which sex finds it more appealing. So there’s no need for jealousy! (View our range of online women fetish wear here)

From corset dresses, panties, mini dresses and shirts for the ladies, to briefs and penis sleeves (and more!) for the men (here our selection of online fetish wear for men), there’s a wide variety on our site. You’ve got nothing to fear – take a walk on the wild side and rest assured, you’re unlikely to turn back.