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Latex and vinyl is sleek, sexy and completely seductive. Wearing latex can let you indulge in your fetish or give you the perfect look for a sex party.

Fortunately, latex wear doesn’t only come in the form of a mini skirt. You can get stockings, gloves, panties and even pants. This gives you the opportunity to explore many different scenarios and can be just what you need if you’re into BDSM or other fetishes.

Here are a few examples of how you can enjoy latex & vinyl:

In public

Wearing sexy clothes in public is exciting and can definitely be a great way to set the tone for the night with your partner. A romantic date can quickly turn kinky when one of you is wearing a tight latex or vinyl piece of clothing.

This latex mini dress is sure to get heads turning if that’s what you’re after. Or you could try this vinyl dress and make your partner horny the moment they see you.

If your idea of fun involves a sex party, then you may want something a little more revealing. In that case, you could try out this lace up vinyl dress, which can also allow for easy access if you decide to not wear anything underneath it.

Under your clothes

If you want to be naughty, then why not swap out your boring underwear for something a little sexier. For men, this could mean wearing latex pants, which will make you feel sexy and look tasty the moment you take your trousers off.

These vinyl pants are also great for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to get them off. This can also come in handy at a sex party.

The great thing about wearing vinyl or latex underneath your clothes means that no one needs to know about it. Unless, of course, you tell them. It can also be a sexy way to end a kinky night when you take off your clothes only to reveal something that will make anyone around wet and willing.

For sex

If your fetish is kinky latex sex, then there are a few accessories that could help you. This open crotch latex panty can provide easy access so that you don’t need to take off your outfit for some hot sex.

Don’t let the fun stop there. Some latex panties come equipped with dildos so that you can explore your Dominant side. Think about pegging your man or having your partner ride your latex dildo.

Surely, we do offer also a range of fetish wear for men. Men can try this latex underwear that includes a penis sleeve and an anal dildo. It’s a great way for guys to explore their submissive side by enjoying an anal experience while riding someone else.

Getting into your new outfit

For anyone who has tried, putting on latex can be quite a challenge. The tight-fitting material makes it an exercise to get into that could take up to a few minutes.

If you are struggling, you could use a generous amount of baby powder on the inside of your clothing. Another option is to use a non-oil-based lubricant on your skin to allow yourself to slide into your new garment.

What is the difference between latex and vinyl?

Vinyl is essentially PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, while latex is made from rubber. Both have their benefits but if you decide to go with latex remember to prep it before wearing it.

Latex usually comes sealed and covered in a talc powder to treat and protect the material. Even if the powder gets washed off with water, the latex will still look matte and dull.  Use this Latex Spray (specifically designed to for latex items) to give your items the desired glossy shine.