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Regarded as one of the top sex toys for masturbation, Fleshlights have revolutionised men’s sex lives. With a potent combination of innovation and pleasure, every guy is bound to cum his brains out with one of these.

But let’s start with the basics. Firstly, what is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a male masturbator that allows a guy to stimulate his penis until orgasm. How is it different from using your hand? The secret is the Superskin material. You see, Fleshlights have an outer shell or casing, which houses the inner Superskin sleeve. The material of this sleeve is extremely life-like. In fact, if your eyes were closed, you probably wouldn’t even know the difference.

What is a Fleshlight made of?

From a distance, you might mistake a Fleshlight for a really big flashlight or torch. Hence the name. However, on closer inspection, you will find it contains several different components. Firstly, as mentioned, there is the case. This is the outer shell that protects the inner sleeve. It can be opened and closed using the cap, which can also protect the delicate Superskin material on the inside.

The inner sleeve is where the magic happens. This is the lifelike material that has revolutionised the adult sex toys industry. Many men are undoubtedly in thanks due to it. This inner sleeve comes in many different variations and also has different ribbed contours and structures. This can give your penis anything from a gentle massage to an intense seismic orgasm.

The opening of the sleeve is designed to look like a mouth, vagina or anus. This adds to the mental stimulation, making it look and feel like the real deal.

Are there different types of Fleshlights?

Hell yes! There are the classic Fleshlights with the original design. But there are also vibrating Fleshlights, see through “ice” Fleshlights and a Fleshlight Girls range which is modelled after famous pornstars.

Fleshlights also have different openings to appeal to your imagination. They are designed to look like mouths, vaginas or even as an anus.

So, how do you use a Fleshlight?

Using a Fleshlight is not actually as complicated as it would seem. It just takes a little preparation that would be well worth it in the end. 

You start by removing the inner sleeve from its outer case. Soak it in warm water for about 10 minutes. This will warm up the sleeve so that it feels more lifelike when you penetrate it. Once it’s done warming up, insert it back into the casing. Before sticking your dick in it, however, you need to apply a generous amount of lube. And remember, it has to be water-based lube because silicone-based lube can deteriorate the Superskin material.

The cap at the end of the Fleshlight can be used to adjust the suction power of the Fleshlight. The more you open it, the less suction there will be and vice versa.

Tips when using a Fleshlight

1. Use as much lube as you can. The more lubricant you use, the better the experience will be, and the more life like it will feel.

2. Always clean your Fleshlight after using it. Avoid the temptation of leaving the cleaning for later. When you’re done, remove the sleeve and wash it in water and sex toy cleaner. If you don’t have sex toy cleaner, then mild soapy water. Don’t use strong detergent because that will likely damage the Superskin material.

Should you buy a Fleshlight?

If you have a penis, the short answer is yes. Absolutely. Your penis can thank us later.  The fact is, unless you are having actual sex, a Fleshlight is closest to the real thing anyone can get. Thousands of hours have gone into developing it to be the best of the best. Once you try it, you’ll be saying goodbye to your hand, figuratively.

If you don’t have a committed partner and want to practice safe sex, then a Fleshlight is your best bet. It will give you a realistic sexual experience without having to worry about STDs and the likes. 

They are also really good for stamina. If you are concerned about how long you last in bed (it happens to the best of us), then a Fleshlight can help you practice your technique for stamina. In fact, some Fleshlights are designed specifically for increasing stamina by making the internal patterns extra stimulating.

Beyond the mentioned benefits, having a Fleshlight at hand just gives you the option of pleasure whenever you need it. It’s a comforting thought. Yes, it’s not the real thing and yes, preparation is required. But for what you’re getting, buying a Fleshlight is definitely worth it.

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