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It’s essential to clean your adult toys after you’ve used them. Proper hygiene is key to repeated fun with your favourite toys.

Before you grab the most potent disinfectant in your cupboard and throw it over your dildo, just ask yourself if you would use it on your own body. If the answer is no, then don’t use it on something that’s supposed to go into your body. Now read below how to clean adult toys safely.

Tips about Adult Toy Hygiene:

Why should I clean my adult toys?

Cleaning your adult toys is a simple but extremely important post-orgasm routine. Without proper hygiene, sex toys can accumulate bacteria that can make them smell bad and cause infections. Also, some materials, such as rubber, are porous. That means they can harbour moisture and bacteria like a sponge, essentially becoming a breeding ground for germs. This is why silicone toys are preferred because they are not porous. If you share your sex toys with a partner, cleaning them properly can also reduce the risk or sharing nasty bacteria, or perhaps even STDs. So, in short, clean your sex toys or put your health at risk.

How should I clean my toys?

What you use to clean your sex toys will depend on the material your toy is made of. This is important because many toys, such as realistic dildos, need extra care to retain its texture.

Steel & glass toys – For dildos or other toys made out of steel and glass, all you really need is mild soapy water. Tap your basin full of warm water with a little soap. Then rinse your toys in it before towel drying them. Leave them out, on a table or counter, where they can air dry completely.  

Silicone toys – Many toys, including dildos, are made from silicone. This gives them a realistic texture and makes them high-quality. This also means you need to take a little extra care in making sure they’re clean and always in good condition. After using your toy, rinse it in mild soapy water as mentioned above. Then use an anti-bacterial toy cleaner spray and apply it to the toy. After a few minutes, wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Tip: Don’t use a regular bath towel on silicone or rubber toys as it could pull and stick to the material. Rather use a dry cloth or lint-free towel.

Do I need a toy cleaner?

The short answer is no. But if you want to keep your sex toy for a long time, then the answer is yes. Sex toy cleaner is designed specifically to be anti-bacterial while at the same time not harmful to your skin. They are also gentle on sex toys so that they can retain their quality. If you have “real-feel” sex toys, you should definitely invest in a toy cleaner that you can use after every session.