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Adult toys have exploded in production. That means mass production. It also means that not many people know what materials and chemicals go into the making of their favourite adult toys. Some of these materials can in fact be dangerous, while others may be better for your personal fetishes. Here is a brief overview of what you should look out for and what you should avoid.

Different sex toy materials:


This is often used to make dildos because it’s flexible yet sturdy. The downside is that it can cause allergic reactions, just like rubber condoms. Rubber can also become a breeding ground for bacteria if not sterilized properly. If you do opt for a rubber sex toy, like a dildo, then make sure you’re not allergic and remember to also buy a bottle of sex toy cleaner to wash your toy after every use.


The more expensive silicone sex toys are usually of better quality. They are durable, flexible and extremely realistic. You will find most credible sex shops stock silicone toys because of their superior nature. If you want a long-lasting toy that will also give you an authentic experience, then you should make silicone a priority. Just remember that you can’t use silicone-based lube with silicone toys, only water-based lube.

Steal & Glass

A lot of modern adult toys, especially fetish and BDSM sex toys, are being made with steel and glass. This makes them last forever, extremely easy to clean and hygienic, and also beautiful to look at. The trouble is that they can be very expensive and lack the realistic, flexible feel of the other materials mentioned.

ABS Plastic

This plastic is extremely hard and is great for making rigid adult toys. The nice thing about this material is that it’s smooth and sleek, meaning it’s fantastic for insertion. On the other hand, they don’t transfer vibrations as well, which makes them less effective for stimulation than silicone for example.


Phthalates are commonly used in the rubber of sex toys. Phthalates are chemicals that help bind things together and make plastic more flexible. However, studies have linked phthalates to male fertility issues, breast cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, asthma, neurodevelopmental issues and even behaviour issues! It’s best to avoid any adult toys that contain phthalates especially if you already experience one of the health issues mentioned or if you’re a pregnant woman. If you do buy something that contains phthalates, then make sure it’s not a toy that goes inside you.

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