Backdoor Lover with Anal Plug and Beads

Made of the most sensual silicone around, this dual action anal toy is simple yet versatile. An anatomically shaped butt plug at one end (which doubles as a handle), and a delicious string of 7 gradually sized anal beads on the other end (which doubles as a cute wagging tail).

Employ it for lovely, filling anal sensations and/or for teasing pony play. Made from high-grade silicone, with the correct care this toy will give you many years of pleasure. To ensure smooth penetration and enhanced sensations, always use with plenty of water-based lube.

• Full Length: 32cm
• Plug Penetration Depth: 8,5 cm, 1 - 2,4cm diameter
• Bead String Penetration Depth: 21cm, 0,7 - 2,4cm diameter


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