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If ever there was a way to stimulate your cock as if you were doing the real thing. Fortunately, the best male masturbator Fleshlight answered the call and has provided a hyper-realistic alternative to a vagina, mouth, butt or simply a better version of your hand. All the various models have unique features, but they are all intended to give an intense orgasm, every time.

Here are the steps to using a Fleshlight successfully:

1. Warming up

By warming up the internal sleeve of the Fleshlight, you will make it feel a lot more realistic. To begin, place the sleeve into hot water for about 20 minutes. Rotate it in the water so that the entire sleeve can be heated up equally. Put the warmed-up sleeve back into the casing. Once done, this warming effect will last long enough to give you time to thoroughly relieve yourself.

2. Lubrication

It is highly recommended to use a water-based lubricant with a Fleshlight. In fact, if you want the experience to blow your mind, and your load, it’s best to use lots and lots of lube. Having an ample amount of lubricant also makes it easier to slide your cock into your new toy. Pour a generous amount of lube into the opening of the sleeve and on the opening itself. If you feel like things are getting a little rough halfway through your “me time”, then just add more. Really, there can never be enough lube. Together with the warming effect, this will make it feel as close to the real thing as possible, without actually doing the real thing.

3. Washing and storage

After you're done pumping your Fleshlight, you will probably notice that it is a little messy. That’s normal. The important thing is that you clean the male sex toy before storing it away again. Simply use warm water to rinse out the sleeve and the casing, ensuring that all the lube (and anything else) has washed off. Dry it off with a towel before putting it away so that it doesn’t get damp on the inside.

Now that you know how to prepare your Fleshlight, you can also experiment with regulating the suction of the sleeve using the rear screw cap. Closing it completely creates a vacuum during penetration so that it will hold on when you try to pull back.

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