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There are more ways to orgasm than one. One of them happens to be by stimulating your nipples. Even just touching your nipples can send a wave of pleasure through your body.

Your nipples are erogenous zones, which in simple terms means it is a sweet spot for pleasure and satisfaction. There are many erogenous zones on your body, your genitals probably being the most well-known. Nipples, however, contain hundreds of nerve endings, which make them extremely sensitive but also a source of intense arousal.

Due to their sensitivity, many people have reported experiencing an orgasm from nipple stimulation

What is a nipple orgasm?

If you play with your genitals enough, you’ll eventually cum. The same is true for many people regarding their nipples. Enough stimulation can result in an intense, orgasm.

The amazing thing about a nipple orgasm is that almost anyone can experience one, men and women included.

What does a nipple orgasm feel like?

A nipple orgasm feels vastly different from a G-spot orgasm or clitoral orgasm. It is more sensual, holistic and prolonged. It also usually takes a while to build up to it, which is part of the fun.

Perhaps you’ve tried nipple stimulation to no avail and the nipple orgasm is still a mystery. Don’t worry, sometimes it doesn’t happen the first time. Just keep enjoying the sensations and before you know it, you’ll experience something you’ve never felt before.

Also, even if you never experience a nipple orgasm, simply stimulating your nipples can boost your arousal levels. Research has shown that 82% of women and 52% of men experience enhanced sexual arousal with nipple stimulation.

How do you achieve a nipple orgasm?

The answer is simple. Keep playing with your nipples in a way that makes you feel good until you explode. It’s the same as trying to have a G-spot orgasm – you just have to satisfy yourself, or your partner.

One important tip, however, is that you should not focus on the orgasm. Instead, focus on what feels good. The orgasm is simply a by-product.

How to stimulate your nipples

Although everyone will have their own preferences when it comes to nipple stimulation, there are a few ways that can help you get started.

Firstly, all you need to do is gently stroke your nipples. You can let your partner do this for you too. The next best thing is having your partner lick your nipples.

Pinching and sucking is also extremely erotic and makes for amazing foreplay.

Nipple play sex toys

Using your fingers and tongue for nipple stimulation is probably one of the best ways to go about it. However, there are sex toys that can help you experience even greater satisfaction, which can be helpful for those who have yet to achieve a nipple orgasm.

Nipple pumps

These work by increasing the blood flow and volume in your breasts until they are extremely sensitive and tender. This will make nipple stimulation even more intense and could possibly help you reach orgasm.

Nipple clamps

Clamps are designed to pinch your nipples, which can be surprisingly erotic. If you are a fan of nipple play, then at least one pair of nipple clamps should be in your toy cupboard.

Nipple suckers

Using your mouth to suck your partner’s nipples is definitely one of the best approaches to nipple stimulation. But the next best thing is nipple suckers, especially if you want to stimulate your own nipples. They provide a suction effect on your nipples to make them hard and perky, ready to be touched and teased.

Nipple vibrators

There is a vibrator for everything, including your nipples! To deliver pinpoint pleasure, nipple vibrators or pinpoint vibrators have a small, focused tip. When placed on your nipples, it will give you an electrifying experience of intense pleasure.

Feather ticklers

Have some naughty playful fun with a feather tickler. Tickle and tease your partner’s entire body, from head to toe, as well as their nipples. Make them giggle a little before making them scream.


Most of the techniques for nipple stimulation are safe for all adults to enjoy. When it comes to something a little more intense, such as biting or nipple clamps, it’s always a good idea to ask your partner about it first. If you plan on having your own nipples stimulated with clamps, then test the clamps first to see how much you can handle comfortably. The same should be done if you want to use the clamps on your partner.


If you love pleasure, then you will love nipple play. It is easy to enjoy and can even result in you having the famous nipple orgasm!

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