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A nipple is just a little bump on the chest, right? Sure, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an uber-erogenous zone for many men and women, and nipple play makes for a titillating experience (see what we did there?!). One study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine even found that nipple sensations travel to the same part of the brain as those from the vagina, clitoris and cervix.

Nipple sex toys are usually thought to be for BDSM lovers only, but nip that thought in the bud! It’s so easy to incorporate nipple clamps and suckers into your sex life, and can be used on either yourself or a partner for some extra-kinky fun. 

Because the nipples are so sensitive, nipple clamps elevate sexual stimulation by providing a slightly painful pinch. Don’t worry, it’s a pleasurable pain – we promise! You even get vibrating ones as well as weighted clamps for serious stimulation! Your nipples will become perky and sensitive, leading to increased arousal – and sexual tension!

And who said pumps are just for pussies and penises? Nipple suckers are the ideal way to get your nips swollen and tender – ready for more stimulation and delicious pleasure. All you do is place the sucker over the nipples and pump. Easy. You can also use lube for extra pleasure!

It’s time to take control of your entire body. And extra sensory nipple stimulation is never a bad thing!

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