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Anal sex is often shrouded in a negative stigma. The reality is that it can be enjoyed by anyone in a healthy and safe way. Men and women both confess the amazing stimulation they receive from anal. Most people claim it’s painful, but with the right preparation, it can be a truly mesmerizing experience. But why is that?

Anal feels good primarily because of all the nerves in and around the anus. Even a gentle touch can produce a tremendous amount of stimulation. All these nerves are also what can cause pain. That’s why it is extremely important to prep before having any kind of anal play.

Many men also enjoy anal play because of the prostate gland located just beyond the anus. This gland, when stimulated, can provide guys with an orgasmic experience similar to what women experience during an orgasm. There are in fact a whole range of prostate vibrators on the market intended to satisfy men’s prostates.

The anus is tight, very tight. It’s much tighter than a vagina. This, together with the sensitive nerves in the anus, make it one hell of a ride for the receiver and the giver. Men who love giving anal sex will experience more stimulation from the tight anal muscles. Those who enjoy receiving anal will delight in the sensations that come from the tight and sensitive area around the anus.

These products will make a difference:

Finally, anal sex is adventurous. It is also a taboo for many. That makes it more exciting as if you were misbehaving somehow. That attitude of “we shouldn’t be doing this” adds to the thrill of the experience.

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