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One of the most common problems men face in their sex lives is premature ejaculation. But did you know there are simple ways to combat it?

Busting too quickly in bed may sound like a minor issue but it is actually an extremely embarrassing and frustrating condition for many men. It affects between 30% to 40% of men at some point in their life, leaving them feeling distressed and anxious, especially if it is a recurring scenario.

The important thing to know is that PE can be addressed to help men lead healthy, satisfying sex lives. But first, let us unpack PE and what it actually means.

What is considered premature ejaculation?

According to WebMD, if you climax within one minute of penetration or even beforehand, then you have premature ejaculation (PE). Many men may think they have PE but if you can last even a few minutes then you likely don’t. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your stamina if you believe it will benefit your sex life.

What causes of premature ejaculation?

The possible causes of PE are twofold. It can either be caused by psychological issues, or it could be biological.

The psychological causes could include:

• Past negatives sexual experiences
• Lack of confidence
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Guilty feelings that increase your tendency to rush through sexual encounters

On the other hand, biological causes could include:

• Hormone levels
• Abnormal levels of brain chemicals
• Inflammation or infection

According to the NHS, the causes for PE are usually psychological in nature and can be classified as either being primary premature ejaculation (i.e. always had the problem) or secondary premature ejaculation (i.e. recently developed the problem). There are also possible lifestyle factors that can cause PE, such as drinking too much alcohol or having an unhealthy diet. It’s always best to consult with a doctor to gain a better understanding of the reasons why you may have PE and how to treat it.

Premature ejaculation remedies

Fortunately, treating PE doesn’t necessarily mean expensive medical procedures. For most men, treating it could be something done in the comfort of your home.

The squeeze technique – This works for couples mostly because it requires a little teamwork. Basically, when you feel like you are about to climax, just before the point of no return, stop and squeeze the head of your penis. You can also get your partner to do this. Once you have lost the desire to climax, you can continue. Repeat this a few times before ejaculating.

Wear a condomWearing a condom is a simple way to desensitise your penis. It will not only protect you from STIs but will also create a thin barrier, almost like a second skin. Some condoms are also designed to be slightly thicker, while others have a topical cream coating on the inside, which will help to numb the head of your penis.

Wear a cock ring – Although a cock ring won’t desensitise your penis, it will help you maintain a strong, powerful erection. Cock rings work by restricting blood flow in your penis, meaning you can get hard and stay hard a lot easier.

Orgasm delay sprays – If you don’t mind a little preparation before sex, then you can use a delay spray to easily add an extra 10 minutes onto your performance. These work by slightly numbing the head of your penis so that it takes you longer to reach climax.

Masturbate – For some guys, masturbating before sex could also work to extend your performance. The downside is that you won’t be as aroused.

If none of the above techniques tickle your fancy, you could also consider using a penis pump. It increases the volume of your penis and helps you get an erection, which can be particularly helpful for guys that struggle to get it up.

Look at your diet

An unhealthy lifestyle and diet can also contribute to PE. For example, drinking too much alcohol regularly could potentially affect your erections. Following a balanced and healthy diet could help you resolve some minor PE concerns. Some research has shown that including more foods in your diet that contain zinc and magnesium could help extend your time in the bed. This includes food such as:

• pumpkin seeds
• soybeans
• yogurt
• spinach
• almonds
• kidney beans
• chickpeas
• sesame seeds
• beef and lamb
• dark chocolate
• garlic
• peas

Talk to your partner

A good place to start with solving PE is to talk with your partner. This can help eliminate the anxiousness around the issue, which may be contributing to your PE. You can also bring your partner on board in terms of possible solutions, whether it be the squeeze technique or letting them choose a cock ring they would like you to wear.


Although it can be frustrating, PE is nothing to be afraid of. There are solutions that can help you solve the problem and get you living your sexiest life in no time. If you are still concerned about having PE, then it is best to talk with your doctor who will be able to diagnose if there is perhaps a biological cause for your PE.

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