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If you’re like many men who struggle to last long in bed, you’re probably looking for a way to beat premature ejaculation (PE) once and for all.

There are many remedies and psychological tricks online that boast about their effectiveness, but the following steps are probably the easiest way to stop PE in a short time.

Step 1: Slow down on porn, if you watch it

Watching too much porn can make things difficult when it comes to the real thing. Watching porn on occasion probably won’t have any effect on you. But if it is every day, and several times a day, then it can go two ways. Either you won’t be able to get hard and may orgasm too quickly, or you will get hard but can’t orgasm.

Chances are you fall into the former category. By overdosing on porn, the reward centres in your brain get overwhelmed, like being on drugs, meaning normal sex doesn’t give your brain the same level of satisfaction.

Try cutting down on porn by focusing on other things, like working out in the gym or building something in your garage.

Step 2: Use delay cream

If you’re planning on having sex, then put some orgasm delay cream on your penis beforehand. The time it takes for the cream to take effect depends on the brand, but you usually need to keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

You can also get delay sprays, which work in a similar way. Just make sure you leave the cream or spray on for enough time. It will numb the head of your penis, making it less sensitive. Some of these adult toys creams work so well it can help you last up to 10 minutes longer in bed.

Step 3: Use a delay condom

Condoms come in all flavours and styles. One style you should focus on are delay condoms. They are coated with delay cream on the inside so that when you put it on, it will gradually numb your penis. Just like regular delay cream, it doesn’t take effect immediately, so enjoy some foreplay after putting on a condom before penetration.

If you really want to pump all night without worrying about cumming, then apply delay cream 15 minutes before sex. Then, put on a delay condom just before you have sex. If you do this, chances are your partner will be begging for mercy.

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