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What guy doesn’t like gadgets? And what guy doesn’t like sex? Put the two together and you have the ultimate guy gadgets around. And with our array of sex toys for men, you’ll have your very own play station!

Now, there is an abundance of sex toys out there for women such as butt plugs and vibrators and it often takes some persuading to get their partner to play with them together. Perhaps it’s because many men consider sex toys to be a replacement for the real thing, and are intimidated by it. But why are sex toys for men not widely discussed? That’s because many men seem to think it’s a taboo subject, and are embarrassed. But there’s nothing to be embarrassed about! Having a healthy sex life is important for your overall health, and self-masturbation is a large factor in this.

Of course, sex with a partner is incredible, but solo sex can be a lot of fun too. Which is why male sex toys are so great – they’re ideal for masturbating.

Best sex toys for men

You’re likely to have heard the word “fleshlight” come up in conversation or in a movie or TV show, but what is it really? Fleshlight is a brand of incredibly realistic-looking vaginas (and some anuses and even lips for mind-blowing “blowjobs”) moulded from some of the best porn stars around. All you do is place your penis inside it and move it up and down. It feels as close to the real thing as possible. The term “fleshlight” has become synonymous with toys of this nature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get other brands that may suit your budget better.

If you desire having sex with a guy, Fleshjack Boys by Fleshlight is for you as it’s designed specifically for gay men. They’re crafted so well, it gives you an incredible sensation – just like you’d feel if you were doing it with a partner.

If you’re looking for something a little more intense, try a vibrating massager. It starts out the same – you slip it over your penis – but instead of you manually providing the stimulation, the sleeve massages with hundreds of vibrating or rotating nubs. It provides the ultimate in earth-shattering orgasms by stimulating the penis head, shaft, glans or frenulum, depending on your chosen toy. Massagers don’t have the same design as the vaginas – rather, they’re sleek and discreet.


A word to the wise though: lube up! You don’t want to ruin your pleasure by being uncomfortable – especially since we know you’ll be using your male masturbator time and time again.

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