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Men have a G-spot and it can provide orgasms as powerful as a woman’s orgasm. How? By stimulating the famous male prostate. There is no sexual orientation required when it comes to prostate stimulation. Are you keen experimenting with a different kind of sex toys for men? Then the Rocks Off prostate massager is an excellent choice.

I have known about the prostate and its pleasurable side for a while. Although I have tried to experiment with prostate stimulation before, I have never used a prostate massager.

So, there was no better time to try one of these anal sex toys so that I could experience real prostate stimulation for myself. My first attempt would be with the Rocks Off - Quest Prostate Massager. It’s marketed as a beginner's prostate stimulator, but still has 10 powerful vibrating functions which I was eager to feel.

For those guys who don’t know, finding your prostate is quite easy. You can use your finger and a little bit of lube and gently insert it in your anus. Keep going until you feel a little lump, which should be about 4 centimetres from your anus and around the base of your penis.

If you slowly massage this spot, you should feel a significant amount of stimulation that may cause your penis to even twitch a little.

Read my review of the Rocks Off Prostate Massager:

The Unboxing:

I was extremely excited to get this prostate massager, partly because I have heard so much about the male G-spot and the pleasure it can induce.

Taking it out of the box I immediately noticed how light it was. It also had a very slim shape with about the thickness of my thumb. The massager was curved towards the end with little ridges, which was probably to increase pinpoint stimulation for your prostate.

The base of the massager has an oval-shaped guard made of silicone. This was obviously there to stop the massager going up too far. The red button at the bottom of the massager was where the vibrations would be controlled.

It all seemed very simple, which was a good thing. It meant I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how it worked and could get straight to business.

The massager is sleek and smooth enough that I only needed a small amount of anal lubricant to insert it. Even if it’s a guy’s first time doing something like this, I imagine it wouldn’t hurt that much.

Once it was in place and I felt comfortable, I laid back on my bed and pressed the little red button to get started.

I was immediately taken aback by just how strong the vibrations were. At first, it was even a little uncomfortable as my prostate was overwhelmed by stimulation. But as I relaxed and got used to the vibrations it began to feel extremely pleasurable. To put it in words, it felt like the moment you’re going to cum… but on the inside!

I rode the wave of the stimulation for a good 10 minutes before I remembered that I can adjust the vibrations.

I pressed the button a few times until I landed on a mode where the vibrations pulse on and off quickly. This was exactly what I needed to get my prostate to respond. By now my entire groin was tingling.

After about 30 minutes of intense pleasure, I called it a day. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a male G-spot orgasm. But from what I felt, I was pretty close.

With a little practice, I’m sure I would be able to get closer and closer to a hands-free orgasm. But even if I don’t get there, the amount of pleasure experienced from such a simple device is enough for me to try it again, and again.

What I enjoyed:

  • The massager was easy to operate and insert.
  • The vibrations were extremely satisfying, and the different modes were as exciting as hell.
  • The smooth surface makes it easy to clean after a good session.

What I didn’t enjoy:

  • The tip of the massager could be a little bigger, but it still packs a punch.


If any guy is curious about his prostate and wants to explore it, then this massager is an excellent place to start. It’s small enough to not be intimidating but at the same time has some powerful vibrations to make you wonder why you haven’t done this before. It’s also 100% waterproof and fully submersible so you can use this in the shower or bath, which may help you relax.

The experience I had with this prostate massager was different to anything I had felt before. It’s not the same as regular sex. It is a more wholesome and sometimes overwhelming kind of stimulation.

*Ted Vincent is an experienced writer who, together with his partner Kathy, uncovers sex-positive topics to help educate and inform readers across SA and the world. His insights are garnered from almost a decade researching and writing about Cape Town’s vibrant sex life.

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