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There are a lot of things you can do in the summer. One of them involves having sex in a pool. If you don’ have a pool, it could be the shower or bath.

Here are 4 important tips for sex in water:

Use silicone-based lube. Water-based lubes are great for sex toys but don’t work very well in water. They wash off easily and won’t help to reduce friction during sex. Silicone-based lube is ideal for water fun because it won’t wash off as easily. Just keep it away from your silicone sex toys.

Condoms still work but not as well underwater, especially swimming pools because of the chlorine. That means you and your partner should stay away from penetrative sex if you’re not on birth control and don’t want a pregnancy. If you do decide to use condoms, put it on before getting wet.

Watch your footing! Whether you’re doing it in the pool or in the shower, wet surfaces are not safe. So always try to find the most comfortable and stable position before pumping away. It could prevent a very awkward injury.

If you’re planning on doing it in the bath, then use the shower nozzle, if you have one. Hold it up against your partner’s genitals for stimulation while you play with the rest of their body. Some people can orgasm just from this kind of stimulation alone.

Having sex or simply enjoying foreplay in water is a sexy way to spend your summer holidays. It’s not as easy as the movies make it look but can definitely be as enjoyable and raunchy. Just be sure to do your planning and use the best adult toy!

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