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Bigger, stronger, longer. A penis pump gives you everything you need for an incredible experience filled with confident thrusting.

It is one of those sex toys that every guy can benefit from, especially if you struggle with your erections. Penis pumps are easy to use and can lead to a more fulfilling sex life.

So, if you are interested in living a sexier, and slightly naughtier life, then keep reading.

What is a penis pump and how does it work?

A penis pump is made of several parts. The most noticeable part is the main cylinder, where your penis is inserted. Then there is the pump, as well as a constriction ring.

To use a penis pump, the cylinder is placed over your penis and a vacuum is created inside it by using the attached pump. The pumping can either be done manually by hand or automatically depending on the type of penis pump.

Once a vacuum is created inside the cylinder, it increases blood flow into your penis, which basically forces it to become erect. You then remove the cylinder with the aid of a release valve and place the constriction ring on the shaft of your penis at the base to help you keep the erection. 

Do penis pumps really work?

Absolutely! Penis pumps can turn a flaccid penis into a hard one. It can also make your penis extra sensitive so that every touch and tease is more erotic.

One thing to note is that a penis pump does not permanently enlarge your penis. After pumping your penis, you will notice that it is slightly bigger. Eventually, it will go back to its normal size. This can take between one and two hours. 

When you use a cock ring after pumping your penis, which can be the constriction ring that comes with some penis pumps, it will help you maintain your erection for a lot longer.

Penis pumping benefits

For men that struggle with Erectile Dysfunction, a penis pump can offer a potential solution. Although some men decide to use medication to solve their ED issues, a penis pump is a cost-effective and safe alternative. It is also extremely fun and can make sex or any stimulation feel better and more exciting.

Compared with penile implants, penis pumps are non-invasive, meaning you deal with less risk to yourself and your penis. It has also been suggested that a penis pump can be effective to get your dick up and going again after certain medical procedures, such as prostate surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

Possible risks/side effects

Despite its rising popularity as both a treatment method and a sex enhancer, penis pumps still have a few small risks.

Overusing a penis pump may result in some bruising or numbness on or around your penis, so refrain from using it several times a day. This can also happen if the cock ring or constriction ring you are using is too tight around the base of your penis.

Remember, it’s all about moderation, so listen to your body or in this case, your penis. If you feel pain, then stop and use the release valve to take the pump off.

Safety first

It is vital that penis pumps are used safely and not too often. As mentioned earlier, overuse can cause some damage to the vessels and nerves in your penis.

Also, if you have a blood clotting disorder or use any kind of blood thinning medication, you should first consult your doctor before using a penis pump. You should not use a penis pump if you:

• Have a condition that affects blood clotting 

• Take blood thinning medication

• Have a condition affecting your penis anatomy such as a bend in the penis

Tips for using a penis pump

When it comes to using a penis pump, a little preparation goes a long way. One tip is shaving your pubic hair beforehand, so that the pump can go directly onto your skin and be more effective. It will also lessen any irritation since it won’t be tugging at your pubic hairs while using it.

Another important tip is that you should use lube. Rub a little bit of lube onto your crotch before placing the penis pump cylinder over your dick. This will make it more comfortable, and even more pleasurable. Also apply a little bit of lube onto the base of your penis before putting the constriction ring or cock ring on.

Remember that you should only use water-based lube with silicone toys because silicone-based lube can damage them. So, make sure you find out what your penis pump is made of!

How to clean your penis pump

One of the best ways to clean a penis pump is with warm soapy water. But if you really want to disinfect it you can use sex toy cleaner, which will also protect your skin.

Once it is washed and clean, allow it to dry off completely before storing it away.


A penis pump is a safe and fun way to get a bigger, stronger erection. For guys with ED, it is one of the cheaper and safer options out there that you can even do with your partner, adding to the fun.

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