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When it comes to oral sex, there’s always more to discover. There are amazing positions that will send you and your partner into ecstasy and have you experiencing some of your best moments.

Oral sex is also something that can be enjoyed by everyone and doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. You just need to have a willingness to experiment and have fun.

Oral Sex Positions You Need To Try:

The Virgo

Even the most boring, bland and sexually uninterested people will find it hard to resist this position. You will simply melt into your partner, who’s tongue will treat you to stimulation that will make you love oral sex with a passion. It doesn’t matter if you want to be the giver or receiving with this position, it will satisfy you either way.

What you need to do: One partner stands against a wall with their arms raised above their head, palms together, legs straight, and at shoulder’s width. The other partner sits between the legs of the standing partner, crouched down and with their mouth right below their partner’s crotch. The crouching partner can then put their hands on their standing partner’s ass to keep their hips in place as they let their tongue loose.


You’ve probably heard about this position, and for good reason. It’s incredibly satisfying and liberating for the person on top and can result in truly intense climaxes. It’s also a great way to roleplay Dominance because the partner on top is in a powerful position.

What you need to do: One partner lies on their back, preferably on a comfortable surface because they will be there for a while. The other partner gently sits on the neck of their partner and carefully leans forward using their knees to support their weight right above their partner’s eager mouth.  The partner at the top can then ride their partner’s face.

Horizontal 69

Everyone knows what the 69 position is, even if they don’t often have oral sex. It’s the perfect position for mutual satisfaction and can be done in a variety of ways. It’s also one of those positions you can do for as long as you want, maybe even all night?

What you need to do: Both partners lie down sideways next to each other. But instead of being face-to-face, each partner’s head is faced towards their partner’s crotch. Each partner then lifts one leg up over their partner’s head so that their crotch is open and exposed. While in this position, each partner can eat the other one out until both are ready to climax on each other’s faces.

From behind

When you are ready to really service your partner with your tongue, then you need to try this position. It will let you get in deep from behind your partner and make them shiver and shake from pleasure.

What you need to do: One partner gets down on their hands and knees with their legs spread. This should preferably be on a bed or a raised surface. The other partner crouches down right behind their partner’s raised ass. Now, the crouching partner should lick, tease and suck their partner from behind, not missing anything.

Deep throat

Yes, you probably thinking, “I know about deep throat.” But do you really? If you haven’t tried this position, then you haven’t experienced how deep oral sex can really be. It’s great for men to do it with their partners and can give the receiving partner an amazing view and the deepest blowjob they will ever give.

What you need to do: The giving partner lies down on their back, such as a bed, with their head just slightly over the edge. The receiving partner stands over the head of their partner lying down, with their legs on either side of their partner’s head. The top partner then slowly slides his penis into the mouth of his partner. He can also play with his partner’s nipples and genitals in this position while leaning over them.

Tips for better oral sex:

1) Use a sex toy like a cock ring – a cock ring will help men stay harder for longer so that you can enjoy long hours of oral sex.

2) Use a pussy pump – a pussy pump will make your vagina more sensitive to every touch, lick and suck.

3) Use blowjob gel – this will make your partner’s penis taste delicious, which is great if you want a long oral session.

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