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You may have asked yourself whether or not you should be masturbating. The good news is that there are actually many health benefits that come with masturbation. Apart from the health benefits, masturbating simply feels good, and that’s the best part. If you feel good doing it, and it enhances pleasure, then, by all means, wank away.

Here are some of the answers to "is masturbation good for me?":

1) Relieve stress

Being busy and stressed isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can, however, become a problem if you are constantly stressed and have no way of releasing that tension. If sport, socializing or reading a book doesn’t do the trick, then you might just want to try some self-love. Masturbation can help you relax and let go of all that built-up stress in your body. This, in turn, will help you feel more relaxed in general, whether at work or at home.

2) Sleep better

In the modern era, getting good quality sleep can be a challenge. This is because we’re often surrounded by distractions from our mobile phones to the TV. As a result, falling asleep at a reasonable hour seems out of reach for many people. Fortunately, a little masturbation can go a long way to remedy the situation. By spending some time before bed every night giving yourself some decent attention, you’ll be surprised how easily you asleep afterward. A good orgasm can give you a good sleep.

3) Make you feel good

Having too much sexual tension in your body can take its toll on you. You feel heavy, anxious, irritated and moody. Your body is craving for attention. When you finally give in and deliberately treat yourself with masturbation, you’ll find that you begin feeling lighter. By taking your pleasure into your own hands, it’ll help increase your overall feeling of contentment. And why wouldn’t it? Feeling good on the inside starts by literally making yourself feel good on the outside.

4) Better sex

Yes, that’s right. Masturbation can mean better sex. Think of it as practice. You can’t really be good at something if you don’t practice. So, by taking the time to focus on what makes you feel good will help you do the things that make you feel good during sex. You will have a better understanding and control over your sexual preferences as well as be able to help your partner find what makes them feel good.

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