Sextreme - Steel Dilator Dip Stick 6mm

The Sextreme Dip Stick Ribbed 6mm offers a deep penetration into the urethra and a satisfying stretch, it is designed for more advanced users. The rigid and ribbed medical-grade steel dilator is long enough to directly massage the prostate in most men.

The probe is designed to be used from either end making it extremely versatile. It’s advised to begin with the smooth end to gently open the entry way before proceeding with the all-ribbed side of the stick. Using this type of dilator creates intense sensations inside the urethra as it stimulates ultra-sensitive nerve endings.

We advise reading many articles and how-to guides before using these types of toys. Playing safe should always be the #1 priority. Always use a sterile medical grade lubricant when engaging in any type of sounding play. Always make sure to clean your toy with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner before and after use.

• Total length: 24cm
• Width: 6mm

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