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Ever wanted stronger orgasms and more intense sex? Try toning your pelvic floor while enjoying intense internal stimulation with kegel balls (also known as Ben-Wa balls or vagina balls).

This sex toy for women is designed to strengthen PC muscles for better sex, or could even be enjoyed on their own.

These are 4 steps to use kegel balls:

Step 1

First, you have to get to know the right muscle for the job. This gorgeous muscle is easily discovered when you try to stop peeing mid-stream. The muscle you contract is the PC muscle. Got it? Good. It’s important to know how to work this muscle since your kegel ball exercises will work together with these.

Step 2

Once you’re confident that you’ve found your PC muscle, insert the kegel balls into your vagina (you can also use a bit of woman lubricant). It’s a good idea to also get into a comfortable and relaxed position, such as sitting. This will make it easier to gently push the balls into yourself. Remember, you don’t have to push them right to the back of your vagina, you can stop just as soon as they're completely in.

Step 3

Now that the kegel balls are in place, you can perform some exercises. For the sitting exercise, you must sit with your legs closed and use your PC muscle to try to move the balls up and down. For the standing exercise, you can stand up straight and work against the weight of the balls to hold them in your vagina. There are many other exercises you can do to strengthen your muscles. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do them right away, over time you will become better at the exercises.

Step 4

Remove the kegel balls by putting one finger into your vagina behind the first ball. Then gently pull downwards to slowly get the balls out. Remember to wash them in warm water and rinse well so that they stay completely clean for each session. The great thing about kegel balls is that you can also use them during your day. Try keeping the balls in place while you are doing housework, taking a shower or even at work. Just make sure they don’t fall out while you're sitting at your desk!