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King Size Vagina Balls

The 4,5cm King Size Balls are inserted into the vagina upon which the smaller weight moves around inside the hollow sphere, producing vibrations in the process.

The balls can increase the sensations and stimulate the vagina during masturbation or oral sex. It is also possible to leave the balls in one's vagina all day. It's really obvious that a great deal of pleasure can be derived just from knowing that your vagina is home to two quietly jiggling balls while doing every day things. For the smoothest, sensual feeling we recommend to use this toy with waterbased lubricant.

Every little movement is fantastic! Yes, it's a bit of a thrill, and if that's what you're after, then why not? These love balls are also a great exercise tool for strengthening the vaginal muscles which again results in more intense orgasms!

• Width: 4,5cm

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