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The intensity of anal stimulation is amplified with anal beads. They are perfect for giving you a sexual experience that can last hours and bring you to your knees, every time.

But what are anal beads?

They are usually spheres or balls attached together with a string, although there are many variations and designs.

You use them by inserting the balls into your anus one at a time until all the balls are inside you. Then, you can slowly pull them out.

This results in an intense wave of stimulation that can cause some people to even climax.

If done repeatedly, it can be a wonderful anal session that you can enjoy alone or with your partner.

How to prepare for anal beads?

When it comes to any kind of anal sex toys, hygiene is extremely important. That’s why you should take a shower and potentially use an anal douche prior to anal penetration.

Once you are clean, it’s time to relax your anus. Use some water-based lubricant to massage and finger your anus gently. You can also do this for your partner if you want to use the anal beads on them.

Using anal beads

Now that you’re relaxed and ready to go, slowly insert the anal beads in your anus one by one. Usually, the beads at the end of the row are the smallest, which should make things easier.

If you can’t fit all the beads in, then don’t worry. You can always pull them out and start again.

Once you are comfortable with the number of beads up your ass, start to slowly pull them out. This will feel satisfying as each and every bead stretches your anus.

You can also vary the speed at which you pull out the beads. The faster you pull them out, the more intense the sensation will be.

Inserting the anal beads and pulling them out repeatedly is the name of the game. If you’re with your partner, then combine this with other foreplay to maximise your pleasure.

Even if you’re alone, playing with yourself while using anal beads will result in pure bliss.

Just like with all your sex toys, you should clean your anal beads thoroughly after each session. Use sex toy cleaner to ensure you don’t damage the material or wash it in warm water with mild soap.

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