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Foreplay is sometimes seen as a difficult hurdle to overcome to get to sex. But, foreplay can actually be the best part of sex when done right. It can build anticipation, excitement and get your partner wet with lust.

1) Go for the nipples

Most people’s nipples are sensitive… in a good way. This means that it’s easy to get your partner hot by simply focusing a little attention on these beautiful parts of our bodies. You can lick, caress, bite or suck on your partner’s nipples until their heart is racing.

2) Talk dirty

Talking dirty is just plain sexy. There’s something in our minds that falls into temptation when we hear a lover explain exactly what they’re going to do to you. Getting good at dirty talk can be tricky, and even a little awkward in the beginning, but after a few times it will be natural and a welcome element of good sex.

3) Shower together

What’s better than seeing your sexy partner naked? Seeing your sexy partner naked and wet. A wet body that’s glistening with lust will get you and your partner dripping before you even hit the sheets. Nothing is better than the anticipation of knowing where the night is going to end up. Also, you never know what might happen in the shower.

4) Roleplay

Has someone been bad and needs to be cuffed to the bed? Maybe your patient needs a check-up… from behind. A little bit of roleplay not only lightens the atmosphere in the room, it will get you and your partner’s mind entrenched in the job at hand, i.e. having wild sex.

5) Food

Food is good, especially if you can eat it off your partner’s body. Spray a little whipped cream on your partner and lick it off without trying to hide how hungry you are. Want to take it even further? Tie your partner up and lick some sweet things off their body from where you know they will blush.

6) Mutual masturbation

This need not be done with anything else in mind other than pleasuring your partner. If both of you are relaxed, comfortable and want to spend a few minutes “exploring” each other, then just touch each other. You will feel like a kid in a candy shop, ready to eat at any second. Stimulate her clit or make him hard and increase the foreplay in your relationship!

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