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Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So, you’re probably thinking about the naughty things you and your partner can get up to. Although sex toys are fantastic to use alone, there are some, like couple’s sex toys, that are designed to give you and a partner explosive fun.

Couple’s sex toys for Valentines Day:


The range of We-Vibe toys is designed specifically with couples in mind. They can be used to enhance your fun in the bedroom or give you new sexual experiences. One of the stand-out characteristics of We-Vibe is their unfaltering quality. Each toy will make you and your partner feel special. They are also a great option for those who want to try something new but are nervous. The sleek, beautiful designs of We-Vibe’s range will put any anxiety to rest.

Try going for the We-Vibe Unite Couples Vibrator. It delivers maximum satisfaction while allowing a couple to experiment with different positions.


LELO sex toys are also focused on giving couples the best sexual experience. They are expertly crafted to look fashionable and stylish. This makes them a pleasure to use, especially for couples who only want the best. LELO toys are not only about the orgasm. They are also about the journey. They will massage, caress and tickle you and your partner until you can’t take it anymore.

A good option to start with is LELO’s Tara Couples Massager. It has a rotating shaft to massage your G-Spot and provides epic stimulation to both partners.

Vibrating Eggs

Although vibrating eggs can be used by singles, it can be easily used by couples for kinky fun. One partner inserts the egg while the other partner uses the remote to control the vibrations and their partner’s pleasure. This Vibrator makes for a very entertaining Valentine’s Day date. You could even use it in public! You or your partner can insert it before your date. Then, while you’re enjoying your night out, just switch on the egg and let the fun begin.

A good choice is the Remote Control Vibrating Egg by Easytoys. It is small and compact but does the job well. It makes for a wet and wild night whether at home or on a date.

Fifty Shades of Grey kit

If you’re into BDSM, then live out your fantasies with the Fifty Shades of Grey Bed Restraint Kit. It will give you everything you need to transform your bed into a bondage playground. The kit includes four soft cuff restraints with Velcro fastening. It will allow you to restrain your partner to the bed before enjoying a wild night of pleasure. This is a perfect option for couples who have been wanting to try something a little spicier but have never gotten the chance.

Massage oils

Getting someone in the mood is as easy as a sexy massage. Not only does a good massage relax the muscles and mind, it makes people more comfortable. So, if you’re planning on having a truly frisky night, then a massage is the best way to start it. Massage oils can help you in creating that sexy atmosphere. They smell great, feel wonderful and have a lasting moisturizing effect that will make the sex even juicier. Yum!

You could try out Joydivision Warmup Massage Oil. It is food-quality massage oil and comes in different flavours. This means you can still lick and taste each other after the massage.

Sexy adult gift sets

If you’re like many couples, you might not know where to start looking for something sexy. Fortunately, you can just pick up an adult gift box, which will give you what you need to have the best sex you can. There are also gift sets specifically for him or her if you want to treat your partner with a sexy surprise.

If you want to have a raunchy Valentine’s, then go for the Deluxe Adult Gift Set for Romantic Couples by Loveboxxx. It includes a mix of kinky toys that are both fun and easy to use.

Now that you have a better idea of sex toys for Valentine’s Day, there is absolutely no excuse why you shouldn’t be screaming from pleasure the entire night. Happy Humping!

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