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Anal sex: just the thought of it seems a little taboo. But in reality, it’s far more mainstream than you may think. In fact, data from PornHub found that the search volume for anal sex videos increased by over 120 percent in just six years. And a recent survey of millennials found that 35 percent of women and 15 percent of men are engaging in some backdoor fun. But we wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than that…

Thinking of trying it out for yourself? We’ve got the low-down on how to open the door to a great new way of life with our anal sex tips for beginners. View a list of our bestseller anal sex toys here.

Our top anal sex tips for beginners:

1) Invest in some lube

If you learn anything from our advice, this should be it: good-quality lubricant is the answer to all your concerns. It aids a seamless entry and makes the experience far more enjoyable. Trust us, friction can be sizzling hot, but not in this instance. Unless you’re 100 percent monogamous and have both been tested for STIs, you’re also going to want to use a condom. That’s because the risk of transmission is high due to tiny tears in the anus.

2) Relax

Easier said than done, we know, but you need to let go in order to have a go. Mentally prepare yourself first, and then allow your sphincter muscle to loosen. If you’re being, well, anal about it, backdoor sex isn’t going to work – and it could be very, very painful. Once you have a finger inside you, your sphincter muscle soon relaxes around It and you can add another, leading up to a toy like anal beads or penis.

3) Start small

You’re never going to enjoy it if you start out going balls to the wall (see what we did there?). Your introduction to anal should be with something small, be it a finger or a sex toy. Small butt plugs are an option too. Then, try different movements – up and down, circular, whatever feels good really. After a few tries, you may feel ready to venture a bit further. But remember, slow and steady wins the race.

4) Play around a bit

But not too much. A little extra stimulation around the clitoris, penis or wherever else gets you going can add to the sensation. But ensure you don’t go from back to front. Say what? As much fun as butt play may be, you don’t want any bacteria being transferred to the vagina – or anywhere else for that matter. So whatever you’re using, be it a finger, toy or penis, ensure you clean it properly before using it elsewhere.

5) Communication is key

If you’re having a great time, tell your partner with words, moans or screams! More importantly though, if you’re not enjoying it, you need to let your partner know – they can’t read your mind. Suggest a different movement, or ask them to stop and concentrate somewhere else before moving back. Or end things for the day and try again when you’re up to it. And if you don’t want to try ever again, that’s okay too. There is no wrong move here – except not speaking up.

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