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Deep, slow and intimate. Sometimes it’s the perfect way to end a long day or even to spend it. But instead of just slow kissing, throw in a few toys and accessories to make it even more sensual.

Sensual products to spice up your love life:

Massage oil

An intimate massage is an effective and easy way to set the tone for a session of sensual and intense sex. You and your partner can take turns massaging each other to make things more interesting. Many massage oils are also scented, so you and your partner will smell and taste delicious.
Tip: Use Lust Massage Candles if you want instead of massage oil. They melt from a thick wax to a warm sumptuous massage oil. This can add extra kink to your already kinky sex.

Pussy/penis pump

The soft suction of a pussy pump or penis pump can increase blood flow to help you become more sensitive and aroused with touch. It’s a satisfying and immersive experience that will help you enjoy your sensual sessions to the fullest.
Tip: Use lots of Superglide Liquid Pleasure Lube, which is a quality water-based personal lubricant that feels just as silky smooth as silicone lube.


Wear sexy lingerie to seduce your partner and make any intimate sessions even more kinky and hot. Even something as simple as a garter can help make everything more erotic. But wear whatever makes you feel sexy and confident.
Tip: Complete your look with a Bikini Chain, which can make you look irresistible to your partner.

Gift box

Not sure where to start? Try out the Loveboxxx - Sexy Weekend. It has everything you and your partner need to enjoy a night of hot passion and romance, which includes all your essentials, such as rose petals and cuffs.
Tip: Silence can be awkward, and it also won’t help make your sessions any more intimate. Play background music to match the tempo of the night.