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With the growing amount of adult sex toys on the market, a first glance can seem pretty daunting. There are now toys for almost every kink out there and hugely diverse for both singles and couples alike. From dildos, to vibrators, to hands-free goodies, all easily and discreetly available.

How to choose the correct adult toy:


A fairly obvious one. Dildos are the most common sex toy on the market and come in all shapes, sizes and styles. From double ended (double the fun of course!), to strap-ons and even vibrating dildos.


Quite possibly the second largest category in line to dildos. Vibrators also come in all shapes and sizes and some of the latest inventions now even allow users to design their own good vibrations, literally! The most basic vibrator is the clitoral stimulator which does exactly that, meant solely for external pleasure. Along comes the g-spot vibrator where again, the name says it all. Combine these two and you’re left with the rabbit vibrator, aimed at maximising pleasure by stimulating both the g-spot and clitoris simultaneously. For anal lovers, there are specially designed anal vibrators which operate on different frequency to leave all your senses tingling! These are just a few vibrators out there with others including the wand, bullet vibrator (smaller but just as powerful), as well as vibrating underwear for the ladies..

Anal Toys

Anal toys are toys that fit perfectly for both men and women. Examples of anal toys include anal beads for the more advanced players, butt plugs for beginners and prostate stimulators/massagers for men. Their simplistic design makes dildos and vibrators interchangeable between both anal and vaginal play.

Sex toys for men

Any toy that excites a woman can just as much excite men. While most toys are assumed to be for women only, there are lots of sex toys for men online available as well. One such example is a penis ring which constricts blood flow and is said to help with weak erections and increased play time in bed. Vibrating rings, however, introduce a vibration to the experience. There are even some that can be worn during intercourse for stimulation of both partners.

Fleshlights or masturbation sleeves provide the same stimulation and feel of a vagina during intercourse and are often shaped as such. While not as common, penis pumps are also said to be a great source of stimulation and can even be considered a temporary solution of enlarging or lengthening of the penis as it controls and plays with blood flow to the penis.

In concluding, there might not be one sex toy right for you but many! Handcuffs, ropes, chastity belts, whips and chains. The list is endless with many sex toys being unisex. With so much variety out there, our own private pleasure rooms might not be that far away. Find what works for you and let it do just that!

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