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Colour surrounds us. It influences us endlessly, from our moods, associations and right down to our reactions. We shop cosmetics to fashion all based on colour that appeals to us or blends in with our lives. With so many colour variations out there, very few realise the influence colour can play in shopping for lingerie.

Tips how to choose the colour of your sexy lingerie online:

Fifty shades of fun

Colours come in all kinds of shades, way beyond the “darks” and “lights” referred to by most. Other varieties of colour include pastels, neon’s, chromes, metallic, and mattes, not forgetting patterns such as dots and stripes or other intricate designs such as lacework. Plain black or white lingerie makes it easier to mix and match an item of a different colour, often emphasising a particular item whereas too much of the same thing can be difficult on the eyes. Once again, dependant on skin tones, certain colours can complement the body and emphasise certain features. Studies have shown that men browse and appreciate variety in lingerie worn by their partners way more than their partners even consider.

Ravishing reds

A red lip if far more appealing than a baby blue. Once a year, the world drowns in a red-craze, namely the international day of love, the fourteenth of February. Besides love, red is associated with fire, more so a hot, dangerous, fire, along with passion and proven results in sexual stimulation.

Mellow yellow – or not

While it may not come across as equal amounts of fun at first, yellow is prominent throughout spring, associated with the “birds and the bees” activities of the particular season. It is a renewal of life and studies have even shown that spring has higher reports of content, happiness and sexual appetite in individuals than any other season of the year. The reason behind this is apparently due to the fact suns longer return, resulting in more secretions of hormones such as serotonin (known as the “happy hormone), along with oxytocin. View all our sexual stimulants for women online here.

Pretty pinks

The colour of baby girls and innocence. Pastel pink, much like yellow and white, is a soft, feminine colour and pink lingerie is often complimented further by lacework. Due to its purity, it also evokes a subconscious association with fertility and therefore, increased desire.

Bold blues

Calm, cool, yet dark and edgy. Darker blues and purple allude to a very rebellious or “punk”-like persona whereas the softer shades (such as pastels) of either, relate back to the feigned innocence and tranquillity.

Gorgeous greens

Nothing screams health more than the colour green and nothing screams fertility more than good health. Biological psychology has proven that a large factor in attracting us to the opposite sex is good health as this ensures higher chances of successful reproduction of offspring.

Back to black

Despite all the colours out there, nothing matches elegance when it comes to neutrals. While it may not come across as particularly “sexy”, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of classic, lace-detailed lingerie, paired with high heels and a bold, red lip.

While colour may play a role, it’s just as important to choose lingerie that fits your body accordingly, allowing you lots of confidence and fun. Don’t be scared to go according to what catches your eye or even dares you to be different. After all, variety is the spice of life!