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Having a collection of adult toys is a lot of fun. But many of us share our homes with others. Family, friends and even children – all of whom can be a source of embarrassment and in the case of kids, a disaster, if they happen to stumble across a stash of adult toys. That’s why having a secure, discreet place to hide all your toys can be invaluable.

Here are just some of the best adult toy hiding spots:

1) A locked drawer

A drawer in your bedside table or cupboard is an ideal location to store all your toys. It’s close to the bed so that you don’t have to run around looking for your dildo when you want to get down and dirty. People don’t usually go around looking in other people’s stuff, usually, but if you have children privacy goes out the door. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your favourite gadgets locked and safe.

2) Fake book cover

This is a clever way to hide a toy or two in plain sight. Fake book covers can be found in many home décor stores. It is basically a solid book cover that’s empty inside. This makes it possible to put something small inside so that it looks just like a normal book.

The convenient thing about this is that you can put it anywhere, on your bedside table, in a drawer, even on a shelf. Unless you invite someone over with an insatiable hunger for reading, it’s unlikely your secret toy will be discovered.

3) A shoebox

Who doesn’t have a shoebox? It’s a common thing to see in someone’s cupboard or bedroom. Most people just put extra junk inside any spare shoeboxes, but you could use it for your sex toys. The fact that it’s such an ordinary item to see means that any visitors or prying eyes won’t think anything of it.

For added discretion, put your naughty shoebox amongst your shoes. That way, if someone were to see it, it would just be passed off as a pair of shoes.

4) Jacket pocket inside a cupboard

This is a little more secret for those that really don’t want any potential eyes finding their toys. If you have a little vibrator, dildo or even a pair of cuffs, you could place them inside one of your jacket pockets, then hang it up inside your closet.

Doing this will make it difficult for anyone to suspect anything because there’s nothing unusual about having clothes in your closet.

So, now that you have an idea of where to put your naughty toys, where do you plan on hiding yours?

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